WiFi notifications - turn off sound but keep icon?

When a network is availabel, I would like the wifi icon to show up in the status bar on top of the screen, but I don’t want a signal every time (it beeps all the time when you’re downtown…). Is there a way to solve this? I know how to turn the wifi notifications off completely and I know how to turn off the volume, that is not what I’m asking :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late answer. I don’t fully understand what you mean.

If you mean the notification for open wifi access points, you can turn it off when entering the “Advanced WiFi” options. This does not affect the WiFi icon, just the sound. When entering the network settings, you can choose a network to connect to by it’s SSID (= WiFi name). Next time you visit the WiFi area (or a WiFi with the same name, as in the case of a lot of commercial open Wifi’s), you’d either be informed in the notification area to log in, or you will automatically reconnect, if available and set to this option.

Thank you for the answer!

But my experience is that when I turn off the notifications in the “Advanced WiFi” I also turn off the “visual notification” (a wifi-icon with a questionmark on the left side off the top bar) which tells me when an open network (that I haven´t used before) is available. However, I do reconnect with networks I have used before and that’s fine.

On my previous phone (Samsung) this kind of wifi-icon appeared on the top bar whenever there was a network avilable. So when you for example enter a store where you’ve never been before, you can take a quick look on your phone to see if there’s wifi. The icon appears in the top bar so you don’t have to open the wifi-settings just to check if there is a network. On the Fairphone you can get these notifications, but (in my experience - maybe there’s something I missed) you can not turn off the sound. The consequence is that the phone beeps all the time when you are downtown where there are lots of open networks. So, you turn off the wifi-notifications (because you dont want to turn off the sound completely, you still need to hear when the phone rings). Then you have to go all the way to the wifi-settings to check if there’s a network you can connect to.

I used the same solution as described by @humorkritik. I never had any sounds anymore, but the icon still appears.

I would see this as unwanted behaviour. :smile: If I knew the network, the FP automatically connects, and if this known network then asks for a login (as public WiFis often do), I get the notification.

If I want to check if there’s an open WiFi, I usually turn on WiFi first, tapping the upper right corner of the notification area, and then tapping the WiFi icon once. (*)

For the following shortcut: I’m using GravityBox our of the XPosed framework, and I can’t remember if this it out-of-the-box behaviour, but I think it’s a GB option. Try the following (if WiFi already is on): hold the WiFi symbol for a second to access the WiFi options.

(*) Having WiFi on all the time not only reduces battery life, but I think it basically always shouts all your known WiFi’s at the world, because your phone is checking if their SSIDs are available. Both are bummers, so I don’t have it on all the time. (Still need to test the automatic turning on-and-off app called smarter WiFi manager.)

The wifi-icon with questionmark on the left side of the top bar, or the “ordinary” wifi-icon on the right side?

I’m usually at places where there is a wifi I can connect to (at home, at work, at my grocery store…) so turning the wifi on and off all the time is no option for me. Have no problems with the battery so far.

Well, thanks anyway!


The questionmark-one

As I said, I only get this when it’s a known network with a additional sign-in required.

Weird… Now I have the same problem! I had to reset the phone some time ago, and since then I also don’t get the WIFI-symbol anymore when I turn off the notifications (because I don’t want my phone making sounds every time I pass a house with an open WIFI).
Are there more people with this problem?

I suggest to disable Wifi completely while you don’t need it, not only the notifications. That will save battery energy too.

Me and my mum are both having this issue - we want to turn the sounds notifications of an open WiFi networks but keep the visual notification. I can’t find the ‘advanced WiFi’ settings so I’m stuck. Any ideas?

To get to the advanced WIFI settings go to the Settings App, click on WIFI (don’t tap on the swith but click on the word itself). You’ll see a list of Wifi networks your phone knows and close ones if available. Now click the Settings button of your phone (the left one under your screen) and click “Advanced”.

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Thanks! That’s turned off both the icons and sound notifications. Is there a way to keep the visual icons?

Unfortunately I don’t think so. Maybe you can find an App that silently notifies you about available Wifis.

See post 2 on this page:

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Yeah but that only works if all the Apps you do want to recieve notifications from give the option to choose a custom notification sound. For example in K-9 Mail I don’t find that option.

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