Wifi not detected

For about half a year now, my FP2 occasionally does not pick up the wifi signal in my house. When I look at the list of wifi stations detected, it is in the list. However, the phone does not connect with it - not even when I select it.
Sometimes it helps to put the phone on airplane mode. When I turn it off, the wifi is detected - sometimes.

Any ideas on how to improve the picking up of wifi?

Which OS are you running? The stock OS I suppose? Are you up-to-date? Latest version should be 19.11.2, which solved some wifi issues.

Thanks for your response.
I have 19.11.2, so that version did not solve all issues.
Would you have other suggestions?

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You might find something, looking around at https://forum.fairphone.com/search?q=%23help%3Afp2%20%23wifi%20%20status%3Asolved

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Which Router do you use? Does it possibly send 2,4GHz and 5GHz WiFi simultaneously with the same SSID?

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Whoa… how can I tell?

Didn’t you configure the router, when you got it?

No, someone installed it for me… So, any idea how I can find out the info you mentioned?

Check in the configuration menu of your router. Or ask someone to do it for you :wink:.

Does this answer your question? Or am I looking entirely in a wrong place?

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That gives at least a hint, that both frequencies are active. Can you check somewhere, maybe security, whether both are using the same name (SSID)?

People have reported that 2.4GHz the 802.11b can give problems.
Try to switch to 802.11g+802.11n only.

Thanks @Lidwien, I have changed that setting. I’ll wait a couple of days to see how this affects the visibility of the wifi on my FP.

(Since I have no idea what I just did, I hope that this does not affect my bandwidth or speed…?)

Au contraire, the 802.11b is extremly old and very slow (11Mbit/s). It might even slow down the rest of the wireless network.

Hi, I’ve had the same problem for most of our fp2’s life.
Periodically i switch the phone off then on again and for 2-3 weeks the mobile WiFi is detected fine. Then one day the listed WiFi is ignored; repeat above process and all is fine again!

As per @Lidwien’s suggestion, I switched off 2.4GHz the 802.11b some days ago, and still my wifi is largely ignored by my FP.
I switch off my phone every night, so for me switching off and on again is not very helpful either, @chrisRoald.
So, maybe I have to learn to live with it, too.

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