Wifi keeps disconnecting

As I’m waiting for my new battery I’d like trying to answer one more questions that’s driving crazy with my phone.

It connects to my home router stays connected 2 sec and disconnects again. I can try and try and try still the same. On the other hand it does connect to the visitor option and stays connected. It connects to my office wifi without problem and lots of others… weird non?

My provider says it’s the phone’s problem… though I don’t actually trust them very much :wink: (support needs some upgrading…).

Any ideas?

My first idea is: Do you actually get a connection in those 2 seconds, or is it just try-and-fail?
If so, do check your Wifi passphrase:

  • is the case correct (it’s case sensitive, “a” and “A” are not the same)
  • check for ambiguous characters (“O, 0” or “l,1”)

Otherwise try connecting with the WPS button (if your router is configured to allow this), by pressing the two arrows in the lower left corner of the Settings > Wi-Fi menu, and pressing the same button on your router.
It should automagically connect.


I met someone at a party having the same problem. It did not encounter this with my one FP. Seems the quality of the Fairphones varies a lot. You could try comparing the WiFi standards used for the home and guest network (eg. b+g or b+g+n standard?, check the router configuration). It is also possible that you have a typo in the passphrase. I had this with an older Android smartphone. In this case, manually delete the network from the Fairphone (Settings->Wifi-> tap and hold the network name and choose remove.

Good Luck!

Nope… it doesn’t work… it connects, really connects and then disconnects. When I try to connect again, the saved password has disappeared (! very weird!). and so on…

I’ll try to do what you say as soon as I have a new battery…