WiFi issue still not resolved

For the fair in Fairphone to be alive this needs to be looked at and fixed, also the WiFi issue is sort of a cancer-like thing in that case and for this company!

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Could you be specific?


Sure, just take a look at https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/36, which makes clear the problem is known, but people are getting more and more frustrated, angry and lose faith in Fairphone. Bad (or zero) communication about progress, cause or what is to be done. Really this WILL grow (like cancer) into a massive customer crisis, if it didn’t already happen!

My FP2 is working rather nice, BUT WiFi is unusable for months now! I’m always and just using mobile data because they are (obviously) not actively working on a fix to “cure” this.


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Thanks for the link. It seems the issue is difficult to reproduce. The exact factors surrounding the issue appear to be unknown. There is no good summary of the factors, and ‘me too’ posts are not useful since they’re not productive. For customer support, they’re noise.


I’m with @Singulus on the communication.
I’m prepared to cut Fairphone every slack available for running into trouble by delivering a Google certified Android 7 on a hardware platform which gets no Android 7 support from the main chipset vendor (Qualcomm). I can easily imagine this is pioneering, technically difficult stuff.

However, the official communication about Android 7 issues overall is severely lacking and generates customer speculation and frustration, bugtracker issue #36 is just one good example of this, and a frustrating read even for someone unaffected by the issue.
The bugtracker is supposed to be the central hub where issues, of which there are many, get reported, possibly worked around, hopefully resolved.
But often there’s no official activity to be seen for days.

What about issue #36 as an example …

The issue originates in the Android 7 beta phase and gains more attention after the official release of Android 7, but the thread looks normal for a while.
User frustration was there before, but then really takes off from this point on …

28 Jan 2019 13:05
Changed the status from Selected for investigation to Confirmed, as we are currently not looking into this issue.

That’s it. Granted, this is openness, which is nice. But without any explanation this is so provocative it hurts.
Why? What was tried? What didn’t perhaps work out? What info is missing to perhaps be able to reproduce the issue? Does Qualcomm’s missing support play a role in this? Is there any hope left?

And most importantly: If i’m affected, what am I supposed to do?
(… as the listed airplane mode workaround seems to not work 100%, and the listed reboot workaround is not a very feasible workaround)

People are left alone with the issue, and there are support routes being unexplored, at least with this bit of info.
Users have to mention the factory reset themselves.
But, as a factory reset on the Fairphone 2 doesn’t touch the OS, where is an official mention to try a manual install of Android 7 from scratch (it was only mentioned as a way to downgrade to Android 6)?
Where is a mention of LineageOS as an (unsupported) alternative?
Where is a mention of different versions of #modemfiles to try?

Then there’s the silence. After unnecessarily stirring up tensions, it needs months to get to …

09 May 2019 15:29
[…] we are still investigating the issue. We are really sorry for the inconvenient. The problem has high priority but it’s not so easy to reproduce it so that’s also why it’s taking longer than expected. […]

Really now? It doesn’t look like someone’s investigating if there’s no info about this, especially after saying the problem’s not being looked into anymore.

The bugtracker is supposed to be a central piece in serious user/company-communication, and it doesn’t leave a good impression about the handling of Android 7 currently as a whole.
And while the amazing community here quickly came up with a very helpful summary of possible issues and difficulties (here), the official company blog did not (at least not prominently enough in case I missed it).

I think Fairphone staff are doing their best in their respective departments, but somebody needs to review the whole picture.

Could be something new is coming up, which could have seriously directed staff attention away from the Fairphone 2, but then we would be back to talking about being open about things.


Thank you for that posting! Can we, can you forward it to some Fairphone officials?

This is not cool anymore!

I would suppose she would not only read the first post.

That’s fair enough, but “me too” posts are still not very useful in bug tracker software except if you want to do statistical analysis on how common the problem is, perhaps. Which is also rather complex I’d say.

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