Wifi is constantly downloading

Since this morning I noticed a constant downloading sign when wifi is on (on wifi-icon constant arrow down)
A system panel app shows there is a constant net recieve of 7 to 8 Kpbs.

Is anyone familiair with this problem? On android forums I noticed same problems, but no one seems to have a good help.



I don’t know the problem but maybe you can find out what happes by logging your traffic with a tool like this.


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Have you shut down and restarted? Sounds like an IT service desk cliche but this happened to me a while ago and that solved it.

Or maybe it’s the FP Updater app that hangs in some kind of loop instead of simply shutting down after checking for new updates?
See Fairphone trying to update, without any update being available

Since the last update, I’ve noticed that every time I connect to wifi, the FP Updater does and update check, which I think it possibly a bit too frequent.

Thank you all for your support! I managed to solve this.
@Shiny: networklog helped me to see that it was a kernel-proces. @ JPL: This wasn’t the problem, thnx. @kgha: I deleted the cache of Fairphone Updater-app. And that did it! @ smsm1: with me it was the same! Thnx. Regards!

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