Wifi Calling enabled on phone but no WiFi calls

I am in a signal black spot , and I am interested in getting WiFi calling working . I am currently on Virgin UK ( actually virgin is Vodafone network ) I have a 5G sim card , in a Fairphone 3 . For some reason , my signal drops when calls come in , its fine for data but looking to get WiFi calling working

I have enabled it on my phone , I checked and rechecked many times ( yes I turned it off and on again … and again ) . When making a call ,the signal is atrocious when I am home , I actually work from home, so this is now becoming a huge burden . Strangely I get 4G full signal all day , apart from when making a call , it drops to 1-2 bar GSM or HSPA .

My Sim card is WiFi calling enabled , I was able to make a WiFi call when the my Sim was inside my Girlfriend’s Galaxy S10

I cant actually see any evidence that Fairphone supports Wi-Fi calling , the only mention of it from fairphone is this FP3(+). Issues with calls – Support

I have been meaning to install a Third party OS ( LOS or /E/OS) .

Can anyone comment on WiFi calling , is it OS dependant ? Will loading a different OS help?

This indicates VoLTE (calls over 4G) is not enabled, do you know whether your operator supports that?


Hi I’m in Cornwall probably to far to meet up.

It does sound like Virgin and Vodaphone haven’t given Fairphone the right codes, as Virgin do promote wifi-calling.

Fairphone push the OS to the main carriers, like Vodaphone not the sub networks like Virgin, so there seems to a mismatch.

You will note the same thing has happened with some carriers using Vodafone in Germany.

With the resources Fairphone have and the customer base Vodafone are clearly not putting much effort into communicating with Fairphone and vis versa.

There’s quite a bit about Vodafone in Germany. That they say it should work sounds just a bit lazy.

I doubt the following may help but it has been an issue in other ways.
Wifi calling on 2.4GHz is the same band as bluetooth so you can get interference, so try using wifi on 5GH at home.

Anyway I’ll be in Bristol in the next week or two if I can help?

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Other way around, Bluetooth is on 2.4GHz


Thanks :blush: corrected it.

@90 I had to get a good network signal from EE as it required a download from EE to get the wifi-calling working not just the phone settings.

is there no need to enable Wificalling on the FP3 as well? Fairphone 3 wifi calling - #25 by AlbertJP

@amoun Cornwall is only a 5 hour drive , feel free to come to me :laughing:

What network are you on ?

According to the Virgin Website , 4G calling and Wifi Calling are only guranteed to work on select Iphones , Samsung and Huawei phones .

I enabled it on the phone , makes no difference , as the call still uses the poor signal . Putting the phone into flight mode ( with WiFi enabled) prevents the phone calling . So it just doesn’t WiFi call …

As I said , the sim works fine with a Samsung S10 , I get VoLTE and Wifi Calling without issue .

@AlbertJP think you nailed the problem on the head , Virgin just doesnt support LTE/ WiFi calling on this phone … Despite them advertising the sim will be supported by all phones , there are only ‘Officially’ a handfull of Samsung/Huawei/ Iphones that are supported ( my girlfriends S10+ works fine for instance)

I’m always using flight mode. With wifi enabled not an issue.
Can you try another network to confirm the phone is OK?

Hmmm! The site says available on more phones coming soon :frowning:


By the way Virgin is now part of O2 not Vodafone so there will be some changes to the protocol ID’s etc. Virgin has to break some 5 year deals with Vodaphone.

So it could just be that Fairphone haven’t been updated with what is necessary to connect Virgin/O2

@amoun Right now , the phone is definately 100% piggybacking on Vodaphones network , it often shows as Vodafone on the dash of the phone .

The Voda/ Virgin Merger is contracted until 2026 . The O2 partnership is with Virgin Media ( Not virgin mobile ) and no mention of Virgin mobile coming away from Vodafone yet

Source Virgin Mobile review: Is it changing for the better? | Expert Reviews

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For the record I just contacted support , not really much else to do at this point is there?

I do wonder if the Fairphone 4 has the same issue with Virgin/ Voda?

Out of interest , I just put a PAYG Vodafone sim card into the Fairphone … WiFi calling works just fine .

So seems to be an issue between Virgin and Voda . This must be true since Voda are resellers of the Fairphone Range .

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Yes it looks like Fairphone could do with talking to Virgin and Vodafone about this.

All the best

Maybe Virgin, even less likely Vodafone UK. I can use Wifi Calling with Vodafone Germany. When a call comes in, it is presented as a Wifi Call. My status line has a symbol that looks like a handsetset on its back with a dot and three curved bars above it. When I switch Wifi Calling off, it disappears,

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