Wifi breaks when switching user profiles

On FP2 OS 1.2.8, when I switch to a different user profile, Wifi stops working. The status goes to “Wifi connection failure” on any network I try to connect to, even back in the main profile. The only way to fix this is rebooting the phone.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Not really a solution, but did you already try to switch to flight mode before changing the profile? This would be at least a bit faster than rebooting.

Yes, unfortunately it doesn’t make a difference. When I switch to the other profile in flight mode and enable Wifi there, it also ends up in “Wifi connection failure”.

Could this be related to the following topic?


Probably not, because Wifi works perfectly for me until the moment I switch to another profile. Then it fails to connect in any profile.

Nearly the same problem for me.
My main profile works fine. Switching to my second profile wifi sometimes works for a minute or so then wifi gets no connection anymore (empty wifi symbol with !). Sometimes connection is lost at once. Reconnection sometimes gives me wifi for some seconds, sometimes it doesn’t reconnect at all. When I’m switching back to my main profile wifi is availabe at once.

Updating to OS 1.3.6 unfortunately didn’t fix the issue.

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Update to FP OS 16.08.0: Wifi still disconnects after a few seconds in my second user profile. Sometimes it reconnects when disabling and reenabling wifi. At my main user profile everything is fine.

Is your main profile fine even after things go bad in the second profile? For me, both profiles become unusable.

When switching back to my main profile, wifi works again without problems,

I experience nearly the same behaviour as @Phairfone on a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with cyanogenmod 12.1 (i.e. Android 5.1) installed - Wi-Fi works flawlessly on one profile (the second one) while not having any connection on the other (main) profile.

So, maybe this is a general Android issue? Unfortunately, I haven’t found any reports by any other users via Google.

@7adietri, @Phairfone: Have you tweaked your system in any way?

Depends on the definition of “tweaking”, but probably no. I installed a couple of apps and configured the phone through the regular “Settings” app.

My “tweaking” is only in user space (some apps without root access), with one exception: I enabled root for FasterGPS, then disabled it again after FasterGPS made its changes.

Edit: I had the problem even before I used FasterGPS

The problem is still there with FP Open 16.12

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