Wifi: authentification problem

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I cannot connect to the Wifi: the Wifi entry goes “Saved, secured by WPA2”, and I get the “athentification problem” message. I read that we should press the WPS button on the box but I do not have one.
I manually installed Cherry 1.6 but it did not help. I know it can work because it did connect to another Wifi spot somewhere else.
What should I do? Thanks in advance!

Hi @couenne

As you state in your post that you have been able to connect to other WiFi-spots, maybe the it’s due to this specific WiFi-spot that you can’t connect. Try and establish a connection with another wireless network (ask the neighbours :smiley: ) and see if you can connect to this one. Maybe it’s just your router and/or modem that’s malfunctioning.

(Most routers/modems can be ‘soft’ reset by plugging them out, waiting a couple of minutes and plugging them back in. Most common routers/modems also have a ‘hard’ reset button as well, that you have to press with a needle or something tiny. This will reset your router completely. (ALL SETTINGS WILL BE ERASED, proceed with caution of you don’t know what you’re doing). For this button: press it about 10-15 seconds.)

If this does not help, please let me know.

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I had the “authentification problem” error and figured out that I just had entered the password incorrectly. Even if you think you got it right, try to enter it again! :wink:

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Gees, I’m such a fool! I did try it several times, but typing it wrong each time… Thank you so much, I love what you’re doing!
I guess the subject can be closed!


Glad you sorted.

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