WiFi Authentification error after Fairphone update

Dear Fairphone team, i cant connect to the wifi anylonger. it always says authentification error. please tell me what to do…i spent already over an hour trying to fix myself. thank you

If you want to reacht the FairPhone team, better contact support.
The forum is not staffed by the FairPhone team, but by people like you: FairPhone users. We try to help each other, and maybe someone can find a solution for your issue.

The way you describe it, it looks like you entered a wrong password, or the password of the network has changed. Can you check if you are using the right one?

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thank you, all is good password. but i contacted the support team. Thanks you. andrea

You could try to describe the problem in a little more detail - than we can try to help you.

Also, if you have WPS on your router, you can try to connect using this.

same problem here. I’ve just completed the update to Kola Nut, and the wifi doesn’t work anymore. Not a problem of password or router, it’s the phone.
I tried a full wipe to see if it’s make things better, but it doesn’t change, the problem appeared again.

I sent a message to support too.

Thanks helping. :wink:

@barrueto and @Seraph please report back what the Support team tells you so we can help other users who might have this problem in the future too. :smile:

Seems to work again now… This is strange. :neutral_face:
Something instable with this. Hope it’s going to work well along.

Sounds to me that after the update your router did not recognize the FP anymore, thus refusing to connect. This should normally be resolved by turning your router off (totally disconnect from power supply) for about 20 seconds and turning it on again, forcing a reboot of its software.