Wifi authentication problem

Hi -

My wifi connection stopped working a while ago. It doesn’t make matter which networks I am trying to connect to (home 2.4. and/or gHz) or at work or any “public” networks …

I continuously get an “authentication problem” error message. It makes no difference if I type in the login details …

This also means I can not install updates as they require a wifi connection if I recall correctly …

My specs are:

Android version 5.1

Android security patch: 5 March 2017

Build number: r4275.1_FP2_gms76_1.13.0

Well, one thing is that Android 6 is available for quite a while already. Does your Wifi connection not work for months already? I believe for Android 5 there won’t be further updates from Fairphone. For Apps from Google Play Store or F-Droid you can enable updates via mobile data, so if you intentionally want to stick to Android 5.1 you can still update.

I have to reboot my hotspot at home from time to time to allow connections again, maybe you can try this when you are certain that the entered credentials are correct.

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This is unfortunately correct. I just did not have time to look into the issue. So are you suggesting to upgrade to android 6 via play store?

thanks for the help.

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