WiFi 6 (AX) & 5G & USB4 & new FairPhone

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Nowadays there are many CPUs, and many devices (high-end and input range) witch give support to thees thecnologies: WiFi 6, 5G and USB4 (the last one for “desktop applications”, very fast charge, video output, very fast transition files…), especially WiFi 6 & 5G, which technologies are the present, not the future.

When will be FairPhone compatible with thees technologies?

Will FairPhone 3 or 3+ have an update to get thees present technologies?

When will be available FairPhone 4? Realize date?

Nowadays I am waiting for thees features (WiFi 6 especially) to buy a FairPhone.

Congratulations with your project! It’s very important to have companies who care about our planet and love technology. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

5G was discussed in detail here: 190 millions of 5G subscriptions by the end of 2020; Upgrade possibility for FP3/3+
In short: FP3/FP3+ won’t get 5G.


… whereas WiFi 5 and 4G are also the present, not the past.

Nobody can tell you that right now, even Fairphone can’t.
The Fairphone 2 was launched in December 2015, the Fairphone 3 followed in August 2019, if you need an indication of a possible timeframe.

Well, then you’ll need some patience.


The idea and philosophy of the FP movement is not the latest and fanciest technology. Maybe you have a more thorough look onto the FP website first…


My first thoughts on this topic are what for these latest developments and features are being needed in private beside again reflecting the “nice to have” mindset or wanting to be ‘future proof’ which should by now has been proven as an unrealistic expectation.
Such developments will move into every day life within time although many of their benefits often stay unused of even unknown to users. As I can realize there are still many users holding on to the 2,4GHz band hence it’s so crowded although the 5GHz band is available for years and broadly supported by devices too.

WiFi 6 over WiFi 5 offers attributes many private individuals may not even know how to benefit of.
Higher transmission range and more efficient frequency utilization may help if there are environmental obstacles limiting WiFi access without wanting to install more repeaters or also wanting to use WiFi when being outside in a shed or arbor.

Security using WPA3 is software (protocol) based and already available through some WiFi 5 based APs (e.g. Fritzbox 6890 LTE FritzOS 7.21+), so no specific need for WiFi 6 here.

If it comes to transfer speed there should at least be two (source-destination), not much sense to sole communicate with the AP. :wink:
Are there at least two WiFi 6 certified full devices available (not talking about game controllers) :thinking:

So what’s the use if so…“MiMo/MuMiMo” shouldn’t be unknown terms to such end users. Interconnectivity between more devices brings benefits, mainly related to speed and stability (latency too -> 4 the players).
WiFi 5 is doing a pretty good job here for every day private requirements already as I think and also could experience.
So if it’s not for standard audio/video streaming, messenger service and browsing but needing lower latency being a winner, 4k video necessity, transferring large data packets or even system backups between multiple devices (simultaneously maybe) one surely needs WiFi 6 capable devices and imho better technical training on what this person actually is up to.
I believe the majority of users do not yet pay for a xGbit/s fiber glass internet assess at home. So comparing WiFi5/6 speeds with any home internet access provided can be simply neglected as any outperforms what the average end users these days could even afford.

Having the latest technical gimmick at hand sounds nice, actually making use of the benefits would make even more sense and would justify the purchase.

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