Widevine L1 Support

So, the Fairphone 3 has a really nice screen, however, according to the Netflix app, it only supports Widevine L3. Hence, the quality is really bad. Is that some issue on my end or does the phone only have L3 support? If the latter is the case, is that something that Fairphone could support with a future update or are we stuck with that?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Did you contact Fairphone support? It seems that you won’t have an answer on the forum.

So, whoever is interested in this: I wrote support about this and got an answer.

“Regarding the first question, indeed our Fairphone 3 does not support L1 security levels so that will prevent you to watch videos in Full HD via Netflix app. Unfortunately, we cannot change this with a software update.”

Unfortunately Widevine L1 support is seemingly not possible in the future.


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