Wi-fi works poorly

Hello everyboy,

I have resetted my FP1U and installed the Kola-Nut/1.8.5 update but not any Google stuff. Since then my wi-fi doesn’t work properly. Sometimes it finds its way to the internet, sometimes it doesn’t. In earlier days the wi-fi symbol in the status line turned blue when the internet connection was good, and stayed grey when it was weak. Since reinstallation and update it remains grey all the time regardless of the connection being fine or weak.

Any ideas what’s wrong on my fairphone?

Thanks in advance!


AFAIK a blue symbol indicates that your phone (google user account) is recognised by google, so if you kept google out it makes sense that it stays grey. The number of curved lines you can see over the dot indicates signal strength.

I’ve stopped bothering about blue or grey. I reinstalled google on my phone after the upgrade, but on some networks the symbol stays grey forever. On others it turns to blue after a little while. But I always have access to the playstore and can fetch mail from my gmail account. I don’t use google calendar or any other google stuff, so I keep google sync disabled.

I can’t see why the update in itself should make your wifi connection less stable, though. If it’s a router you control yourself, restarting it might mean a difference.


Exactly, if you don’t have Google the wifi symbol stays grey. We had a heated discussion about this in the beta section which ended in this useless poll. :smiley:

Do you have connectivity problems on many networks or just one wifi?

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So I have misunderstood the blue color of the wi-fi symbol in status line.
My wi-fi problem occurs especially at work and I don’t know what’s going wrong there. It is surely not the virus scanner. The router configuration tool always shows high strength of the wi-fi connection. So does the wi-fi status control of Android (saying (translated from German) Status “connected”, strength of signal “excellent”, speed 65 Mbps). But when I go to an internet page in Firefox, the indication bar starts to grow, stops and then often doesn’t change anymore, thought at the same time under Firefox under Windows there are no problems at all. So the wi-fi seems to be unsteady and slow.
And when I try to sync my calender app (“Essential PIM” (EPIM)) on my Fairphone with the PC version of the program, the EPIM App finds a connection to the EPIM PC program occationally only, though the settings seem to be okay (IP adress and port number). Before reinstalling Android and updating to Kola Nut these things didn’t always go better, but did it much more often than it is the case now. That’s why I thought it had something to do with the Fairphone update and Google banishment.

Have you talked to your system administrator? Maybe he/she can help with these issues.

I am the administrator myself. :weary:
The problem seems to be that the smartphone does not find the right wi-fi channel. At least I manage to get the wi-fi run by changing the channel. But this does help for the moment only, as the next time I have to change channel again. :worried:


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