Wi-Fi signal strength is very weak


I’ve just received my FP4. Nice device.
My problem is that the WIFI (2.4GHz) signal strength is very weak. At home, in front of the Internet box, I have a signal strength of 4. Not the maximum. At work, the FP4 can’t connect to the WIFI at all from my desk while other devices can with no problem. Even low end devices have no problem connecting to the WIFI router. I have to go in front of the router for the FP4 to be able to connect.
Is this a problem of my device or is this a problem of the FP4 in general ?


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Could be a product fault, so contact support@fairphone.com soon in case it cannot be resolved via peer support her on the forum.

You say only 2.4Ghz so can you confirm 5GHz is working fine. Could you also name the carrier you are using?


I’ve just tested with 5GHz WIFI. The problem is the same.
I don’t have a nano SIM so I can’t test 2G/3G/4G/5G. I’ll buy a nano SIM when I’ll be sure I need one.

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It may be your device… I’ve also just recently gotten the FP4. I know my router (isp supplied) is crap, and has weak signal in general… even the home printer that connects wirelessly the next room over has issues with signal sometimes… But I find that the signal I get on the fairphone is comparable, if not slightly better, then the other phones.

2.4Ghz network, btw.


It may be your device…

That’s what I think. Too bad for a new device.

What’s support saying?

There’s no indication support has been contacted and even then the OP is only two days old. Support can take a week just to get an acknowledgment let alone any actual ‘support’.

I’ve created a support ticket but as you said, it is too early for an answer.

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Here is the final word on this issue.

Support answered one week later. They required to enter a special hidden test menu, run some tests and give them the results. I did this quite immediately. I had to wait almost another week to get a new answer where I was required to tell them if I had made tests and which were the results :weary:
At that time, my deadline to freely return the phone was hit. So… I returned the phone to the vendor.
However, I requested an exchange with a new unit. I received it this morning and did some tests immediately. I can tell this one works as expected.
So the first device had a problem as I suspected.


Ah. Too bad a new phone is going in the dumpster, so to speak.

I’m pretty sure fairphone will fix/recycle it.

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I hope so. If not, what’s the usefulness of the repairability ?

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Repairability has it’s limits, some things cannot be fixed but that doesn’t mean the idea is not worth pursuing.

I know. I’m a high end electronics hardware designer. We repair all the boards we manufacture (very low quantity). But sometimes we can’t find what’s wrong.

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