Why the Snapdragon 632 processor choice?

Looking at that detailed comparision the two SoCs were announced one month apart, probably not relevant in terms of support duration.

The comparison also states that the 710 has 76 instead of 66 for “Efficiency of battery consumption”.

Couldn’t find anything on the prices, though…


Regarding the cost-factor, I found this statement online.
No idea, how reliable or accurate that is.


SD 7XX series cost for 5K to 7K.
SD 6XX series cost for 4K to 6K.

The currency would be INR (Indian Rupie). As of now, 1K INR equals about 11.8 EUR. If that would be correct, the decision in fact is cost relevant; and most likely even more so, when buying lower quantities.

7.49GiB/s sounds unreasonably slow for a 2018 SoC, I’d like to hear a second opinion on this. I tried looking around for sources, but couldn’t find any reputable documentation neither on the Qualcomm website, nor on the Samsung MCP page used in the FP3. At least one page hints at the DRAM bus on this SoC being 64-bit wide, two channels of 32-bits each, doubling the bandwidth to a more reasonable 14.9GiB/s. Meanwhile Wikipedia mentions a DRAM bus of 7.46GiB/s under the Adreno 506 GPU, but without a source.

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