Why only 3 home screens & How to add more?

Thanks, yes, I’ve just discovered this by reading another topic! Who knew? Was this facility always there. Just got to find my screen dumps now so I can set up my phone as I like it

No, it’s been introduced in the new launcher layout :smile:

It’s seems that if there is nothing in a home screen, this tends to disappear. There is no problem because as @Chris_R said you can drag new widget/app into a new home screen, I actually see, while dragging a widget/app, there are a + symbol near the dots that represent the home screen. What I have not understood and controlled is “to block” the main home screen (the one that appear when you press the home button). In my attempts to re configure my home screens I’ve to change all icons a couple of times, because when I add a new home screen the “main screen” is moved –from this “main” position—.

Edit: Ok @Jerry has the solution for the main screen: «If you hit the menu button while on a homescreen, the new launcher thing pops up and you can touch and hold the homescreens there to rearrange them. Note that the center homescreen (biased to the right in case of an even number of homescreens) is the one you’ll go to if you hit the home button on your phone.»


Hi all, sorry the new home screen situation is confusing. If I’d could fine our fairphone time machine I would go back and be more clear on that.

Thanks for explaining to everybody how to get back the additional homescreens! :bird:


I like the new menu, It’s just about explore what is new.

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I can’t work out how to get back to four home screens… Really, really not impressed with this update, especially losing a home screen and lose of easy access to app manager. Reverting to Cherry.

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I’d like to refer you to a solution posted earlier in this thread:

I’ve tried this. Just not working for me for some reason.

I have read somewhere, that you have to press & drag it to the right, rather than to the left. @Chris_R could you give some assistance here? (I still did not perform the upgrade, doing backups first.)

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Yes, you can only add to the right I think - my mistake

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I just confirmed it, somehow it is only possible by doing it to the right. I also saw a clever solution by somebody who downloaded the old Fairphone launcher from the appstore. So then you can run 1.8 with the old launcher.

Could you make the old launcher available on F-Droid?

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oh, thanks that has actually worked! Though have to say still not very impressed with this update. Don’t find the appearance & large icons very appealing.

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See my post here as to how you can play around with the icons size

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I really don’t get this downgrade for the management of home screens, previous version was way simpler and more powerful… it just became a chore to manage.

And what about having a “blank” homescreen, just to watch the wallpaper?


Aain, nothing was broken, why fix it? :confused:

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You can search the forum for numerous bugs that were (normally) fixed in this update. To give an even more example, this update contains 5 or 6 security updates from Android, which are far more important than the launcher.

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I’m fine with the update. I just don’t like the new launcher, is all.

Changing the launcher will not get rid of the bug fixes, right?

No it won’t. The old launcher is available in the app store.


Am I correct in thinking that this facility has been removed? I had 5 home screens in version 1.6 & now with the new 1.8.5 version I still have 5 & swiping to either the furthest right or left produces no further screens.

@blsmith Yes you are right, 1.8.5 has the same launcher as 1.6 and so the “problem” with the 3 screens is not present anymore.

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