Why not jump to Android 7?

Not sure this is the right place in the forum, but with the recent announcement of Android 6 on FP2 and Android 7 having been officially released in August 2016, I wonder if the developers could share the reasoning of not jumping straight to Android 7?

The blog post outlined the significant work involved in releasing a major upgrade, and from my naive point of view it would seem that skipping a major version would either cut down on the work involved in the long run or support FP2 longer in case the upgrade from 6 to 7 is not planned at all.


If you’re interested in the previous community discussion, start with the following post and click through to the topic it is in to continue reading:

There’s been some… discussion in tech circles about this, so this may change. Whilst this develops, it is difficult to rule out or confirm an upgrade. Versions without official Google support will probably be possible, but this is also a difficult sell for the majority of users, and may be difficult depending on contracts. A community port is probably the best hope at the moment.