Why must I give FP2 number and batterie number and also send a document

Why must I give FP2 number and batterie number and also send a document to ask a question?
Why dose not Android 7.1.2. allow me to turn the FP2 mobil off?

Two simple question that one would like to ask FP industri.

Unfortunately, FP does not care about its product park or aftermarket. Because you require the customer to type the product’s serial numbers, battery serial numbers, and submit documents to even ask a question on your support page. This makes it very hard to recommend anyone to buy a fairphone. You get a problem with the product, but you can not help them.

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Just have a look at this forum and you will see the workaround for not been able to turn your mobil off.
Have a look here. Look at ’ “Power off” reboots device with new camera module’ and you will find a workaround.

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It’s a software bug which the Fairphone team has to fix. Workaround is to turn off the phone with flashlight on, so it will stay off.

Because you probably selected a question about a problem with your FP2. If you have a problem with your FP2, they could decide to replace parts or the complete phone. They need the serial numbers to check if you are eligible for a free replacement (which is only possible within the first two years after purchase) and the part is not already replaced (as sometimes you don’t have to send the part back).

If your question is about the reboot bug, you will not get a replacement, as this affects all FP2s with the new camera module. They will probably tell you to wait for an update and use the flashlight workaround. If you want to stay updated about the problem, look into our bugtracker.

This is optional. There you can send e. g. photos if your screen acts strange or your cover is broken. Or you can attach an invoice if your FP2 is from a third-party store.

If they really need a photo or a document, they will explicitly ask you for that.


Thank you for the tips about how one turn the FP2 off!

The comment about the battery can be resonable.

Sorry but you are wrong about the option sending in a document. That is mandatory and I didn’t understand why!

Best regards, Ove

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The options in the support form depend on what you selected at the top. Could you make a screenshot of the form as you filled it? I don’t recall having to send a document when I opened a support request a month ago or so.


If they really do not state which file they want from you, attach an empty text file and write to them: “It seems that your contact form is broken. It requires an attachment, but it does not state which file I should attach. So I attached an empty text file.”

If they want a file from you, the supporter will explain you which files you should send over in your e-mail answer (e. g. photo of faulty part, invoice of third-party shop).


If you go via the troubleshooter, the ‘something else’ option seems to just put you into a contact form that asks for all the details they can think of, including proof of purchase and two photos of the device - presumably as they anticipate it being a complicated case.
If you use the general contact form, it builds up the query more generally, depending on answers. I’m not sure in which situations they expect proof of purchase to be uploaded in this case.


@OveGus, as you may have realised, this forum is a community forum. We can’t fix the form ourselves, but we can investigate what went wrong here and hopefully pass that information on to one of the employees who visit this forum at times. Right now I can’t make out yet whether this is a form bug, or just a confusing description of one of the options in the form which made you select the wrong one.


Okey! Thank you !

I got the answer I needed to continue to use the FP2 and that is good for the moment.

Take care!


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