Why is wireless charging not included in FP4

Well if you have gone yet.

It’s called the Fairphone as the team were the ones who not only got Fair Trade gold on the market for the first time but provide a huge increase in production line workers wages no matter which phones they produced in the factory where the Fairphone is assembled etc.

And other phones are also not equally polluting, where did you get that idea ??

But if you are off to other shores have a nice time.

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Well because I did not.

You found the words alright, but they say something else.

I don’t have to stand to words I did not say or write…

I think Incanus meant this maybe. Whereas you didn’t say ‘should’ saying ‘every single customer’ and tying it to the lack of a 3.5mm jack does imply that is what you meant.

Otherwise why say ‘every … customer’

Sure customers don’t have to buy headphones but your argument stems from the notion that Fairphone are forcing the issue upon customers by not having a jack. Clearly in that sense you are correct each any every customer that wants to use earphones will require a bluetooth or an adapter.

So you can see Incanus’s point and I can other interpretations. I think it was the tone of the argument that ‘forces’ the issue. :slight_smile:

But yes I agree that there is no other real option. Luckily I have an FP3 which will last me 10 years I hope, but I hardly use earphones so no big deal what the future has in store.

But what did you try to say?.

BTW, why do you always wait months or even half a year before digging into this discussion again?