Why is the touch screen not working?

The touchscreen has stopped working suddenly for not good reason. People ringing me but I can’t answer and I can’t switch off the phone as touching the ‘Power Off’ option isn’t working. What’s happened?

Hard to say from afar.
I’d first try to #disassemble the phone and clear the connector between the screen and the rest of the phone.

Oh even before that unplug your phone if it was plugged in and see if it works unplugged. That would indicate faulty charging equipment.

Hi, my problem is similiair (altough different) and appeared today, its as though the digitizer has the hickups sor something, firstly i have great difficoulties unlocking the phone as the screen doesnt respont to my fingers properly or does so about a minute later. Then I cannot swipe to answer the phone, or te screen responds to my finger but i can’t swipe to answer. It feels like its damaged by dampness or something as those are problems usually sneaking up on you but I also updated the phone just earlier and as this problem came suddenly i thought it might be something wierd with the update? What should i do?

Also try to #disassemble and clean first.

Then go to Settings > Maintenance > Checkup and do the free-paint test. It will tell you if a part of your screen doesn’t work or if it’s something different. Also make a screenshot of the test to send to support.

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