Why is the fairphone 2 so heavy?

The fairphone 2 weighs 168g, according to wikipedia, as compared to 170g for the fairphone 1. I think this is quite heavy and it is the only serious downside of the fairphone (I have seen the fairphone 1). Is the weight necessary because of the modular build, or is there a chance that the next version is lightweight?

It’s a lot bigger than the FP1 and it feels much lighter subjectively.


Same here. The FP2 is much bigger than the FP1 but still feels lightweight.

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The S5 (which our FP2 compares to) weighs 145g without a protective cover. That is an extra 20g approximately which makes it weigh around the same as other phones…

They are both “heavy” but ~160 g seems to be pretty normal for modern mid quality smartphones. Only the iPhones are often lighter. I think they have trimmed down the iPhone cases down to the minimum while they still are/appear solid and they tweaked the battery a lot.

Someone should do a tear down with the wights of each item. Could be interesting. I think the back metal cover of an FP1 was around 25 g already, battery 40 g so the rest was around 100 g.

Thank you for the comments! I wasn’t aware that the FP2 is so much bigger, this explains the weight and makes it similar to other phones (personally I prefer smaller, lighter phones and I hope that the FP3 will come in two sizes!).