Why I'll never buy another Fairphone

The aims of Fairphone are great, but I’ll never buy another one.

After repeated problems with mine rebooting while using a satnav app, I logged a case and was eventually offered a replacement.

Fairphone would not send out the replacement before they had the faulty one, even when I offered a deposit - I would have been happy to make a refundable payment up to the current full cost of the phone. As I couldn’t be out of contact I had to buy a cheap phone to cover that period. At least it works fine, and hasn’t had the problems the Fairphone has.

As there was a small crack in the back cover caused by frequently taking it off to resolve faults with the phone, I also had to buy a new one - the old one would have been fine, but apparently couldn’t be transferred to the new phone. So more waste.

So - I paid several times the price of a phone that would meet my needs, to avoid conflict minerals and waste, then had repeated problems and ended up having to cause more waste and use of conflict minerals.

These policies of Fairphone cause waste rather than saving it, and undermine their good intentions. I shall look elsewhere in future.

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No need for a separate topic, as there is already a discussion about unhappy FP owners.

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Unfortunately I also have to join this point. After 3 years of having my fairphone2, i had at least 50€ of repair per year, not even taking into account all the reboots, mobile operators that do not work on fairphine and numerous informatic bugs. Not to mention the terrible quality of the new case that breaks easy and replacement is 30€. Today I need to replace my core unit which is 250€. Financaly, having a fairphone is an enormous cost, in 3 years I spend 900€ on the phone of average quality that allways has problems.
I strongly agree with the ethical and evironemental values of a Fairphone, but not at horrible product performance and extremly high repair costs.


As you posted this in another thread as well, I will simply link to my answer here. Please read it and try to find in you some understanding for the problems a small business with a product as new and revolutionary as this modular smartphone are facing. I guess, they have learned a lot from the FP2 experience, that will influence the next phone and make it better. And I am confident they will keep learning all the time getting better and better and bigger and bigger.


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