Why I cannot get mobile data on my fairphone?

I have checked and rechecked, I do have enabled mobile data connection, but still, I cannot synchronize any app if the Wifi isn’t on. What might be wrong? (it’s a new phone I have just received. I’m in the UK and my SIM has worked well on my old phone up till now.)


have you checked your APN settings?




You cannot synchronize apps - but can you do anything else? E.g. browse the internet? From your topic heading one gets the impression that mobile data doesn’t work at all, but in the post you write about synchronisation specifically. If it’s the latter that presents a problem I wonder if it can have to do with app settings. Some apps are set to sync over wifi only as default (to prevent unwanted traffic on a limited data plan) but most likely this setting can be changed manually.


I have the same problem since last update: no connection to Web without WiFI --> no GPS and no more "GooglePlay"
I charge new app butthere is no new icone on my phone