Why have all my messages disappeared?

On Tuesday I opened my messages and discovered that everything from before that day had disappeared, several years worth.

I tried downloading sms back up and restore as suggested in another thread and it can’t see them.

When I look at how much storage messages is using (under App info) it tells me 81.36MB - so surely they must still exist somewhere? How do I get them back?

They are not under ‘Archived.’

Any help very gratefully received, as there were a lot of them,!

I’ve recently seen other people have success with QKSMS, with at least one report that after using QKSMS that the default app also worked normally.

Other options to try: restarting the phone if you haven’t already and double checking you’ve not accidentally logged into the guest account or another account by accident.


Ok, have installed QKSMS. It didn’t find the messages… neither did swapping back from it to messages find them.

Thanks for trying - any other suggestions?

I don’t have any, but hopefully someone else can chime in…

MyPhoneExplorer is pretty good at finding stuff like contacts or messages on an Android phone, but is Windows only (although it may work via Wine on Linux with the phone connected via WiFi).

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