Why FP3 comes with an OS which is not privacy oriented?


Following this subject :bar_chart: Poll: What OS(es) do you want to run on your next Fairphone (FP3 or later) :
I would like to hear an official answer to my question please:
Why, Fairphone didn’t respect his engagement (considering this poll) to sell his phone with an alternative Os (other than Google Android)?


This is a community forum and nothing official Fairphone.
For official answers please contact Fairphone support or maybe research.


But from my point of view, another OS would simply not be working for entering the mass market and thus going on to change the industry.
One can not achieve all in one go. Or, every long journey starts with just one step.


The address is forum.Fairphone.com so it is an official communication system from Fairphone
@paulakreuzer is a moderator so it meens that she is officially working for Fairphone (whatever she is volunteer or employed)

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Nope, that is not the case.
Fairphone does indeed - as I understand it - support the forum by providing webspace. But that’s it.
The moderators or others in this forum are not involved with Fairphone, they do not represent the company or can make statements on behalf of this company.
You can find some employees of Fairphone in this forum from time to time, but nothing regular or institutionalized.
For more information about the community, read here:


From the linked page:

Join the discussion

Give and get answers in the community.

Community forum

And there’s your link to this forum.

And here is a blogpost about the community:
With links to older posts as well.


If you read the text before the poll you’d know it’s not only not an official poll, but also highly hypothetical.

Fairphone’s stance has always been that they don’t have the means to maintain more than one OS. The reason why they chose Google Android as that one OS is quite obvious I think.

Just recently they finally released the source code, so now the community can start porting all the OSes mentioned in the poll.


Indeed, it’s obvious for Fairphone itself (and you) to choose an unfair Os (In therm of privacy)
But it’s not obvious for a lot of people in the community (including me). You could notice so much involvement in the poll you published which demonstrate the interest for a fairOS.
it would be obvious to choose GoogleOs if it would be the only Android Os in the world but it is not.
As you know, there is at least one credible and stable alternative to GoogleOs named LineageOs + microG which is an Os compatible with Android Apps market. So it is technically not obvious to understand why Fairphone didn’t choose a FairOS.

So could you please clarify? :blush: Thank you

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Thank you for all these links but I’m sorry, as long as the forum is hosted by Fairphone, they are responsible of what it is happening there, and they have to manage it, I mean, they have the last word.
Technically, it must have at least one person from Fairphone itself to operate on this Forum at least to install, secure and maintain it. The access to the storage to install the forum cannot be given to a random person: it is not secure.

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What’s that supposed to mean? I’m pretty much known as the chief-Google-hater in this forum.

Most people want a well known OS on their phone. Fairphone is already in a fringe market, having a finge OS won’t do them any good.

Theoretically it would be possible to pre-install a different OS and give those who want Google Android the option to install that afterwards, or even to give users different OS options when they order, but 1. that would mean FP would have to maintain one more OS as I can’t imagine that the community would maintain Google Android and 2. even though Google was sued over this already once I still don’t think Google would allow this. They’d either find some sneaky way to force FP not to go that way or just openly forbid it and just wait to get sued again - it’s not like a few million € penalty would mean anything to them.


That’s most likely true.
Still technical support, maintenance and upkeep does not make for an official Fairphone communications channel and it especially does not make the moderators here speakers for the company. To my knowledge they are not involved in any decisions etc.
Fairphone acts more or less as a service provider like every other webspace provider you can contract.

As to the OS.
In my - already stated - opinion, there is no alternative to official Android.
Lineage is nothing officially supported. It is developed by a community. That’s ok if a user decides to go this way, But for a company, that is simply not feasible. They need some reliable supplier for updates etc.; someone they can contract and deal with. A community of volunteers - like this forum - is hardly a good business partner.

I just took another look at the actual LOS thread in this forum.
Another drawback for this OS is the much less comfortable update procedure. That’s a major factor that put me off switching to another OS. I especially failed at installing Ubuntu touch.


@JulienGarrigue obviously FP is somewhat responsible for what is posted here, but why should they disallow community members to make polls just because they can’t act upon the result of the poll (which was never meant as an instruction to the company anyway)?

@BertG Lineage OS updates are super easy OTAs. Upgrades are a bit trickier, but isn’t that the same for FPOS?


Indeed but LineageOs is opensource so they could take it and support it.
if they have the money and time to develop from scratch an Os like “Fairphone Open Os” they should have enough finances to fork and adapt a project like LineageOs. No? It also saves time and money as they don’t need to reinvent the wheel + they could contribute to the community And get help from it. Am I wrong?
With all of these advantages I still don’t understand the point to sign with Google and by the way, nobody clarify the reason why they choose GoogleOs. Why do they sign with a company which runs against the deep values of Fairphone?

OK Paula, however the main question of this poll was “What OS do you want to run on your next FP3 or later?” it really sounds like a hope and official.
As FP developed FP Open Os for FP2, why they didn’t at least used it on FP3? isn’t it a waste of energy time and money to step back to GoogleOs?

I have been to an Opensource software event organised in the South of France, I met many users disappointed by FP Os’ choice. Nobody understand this frustrating strategy. And all of them told me “I’m not going to buy FP as long as they use GoogleOs”. Does FP understand this?

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But Fairphone Open is not an OS done from scratch. To my knowledge it is a basic Android (or Fairphone OS) without the Google stuff. FPOOS in this regard was a derivative of FPOS.
I have no idea, if your idea regarding Lineage OS is in any way feasible.
Would be interesting to learn what the LOS community would think about a company trying to take over control. This - to me - seems a bit contradictory.

And finally the statement posted by @AnotherElk stays valid whatsoever.
You never would get this phone sold to the mass market, when it does not offer Google services. There are quite a lot people out there using e.g. location services, Google maps, playstore and cloud all the time. They don’t care to bother with MicroG and stuff like that. They want a phone like all the others.
That’s at least my experience and impression.


Hope and Official are a bit contradictiory as well, don’t you think so?
Plus this sentence

Since this is a hypothetical poll about future FP models

should clarify, that this is nothing official.


Thanks, very interesting discussion.

If it would be the case, /e/ and LOS won’t be at the top of the poll.
I’m sorry, most of the people who want a phone like other, buy a Huawei or One Plus or Nexus or something like that.
FP customers are different.

I think one of the reasons might also be that people who are more tech addicted can be found with registered accounts in a forum like this and take part in the poll.
Maybe LOTS of other people don’t and are so far happy with the FPOS (i.e. Google Android).
I think to remember that I’ve read somewhere that less than 10% of FP2 users have used an alternative OS on their FP2. So, as said, maybe this big amount of people have not taken part in the poll…

I’ve been using /e/ for more than a year and I’m really happy with it. I’d also like to see a closer cooperation between Fairphone and /e/.
On the other side Fairphone has limited resources and has to decide on which to invest the resources…
And at the end, /e/ is still in Beta. Would you try to sell more than 100.000 devices and install on OS being in beta status? Who shall support that?


To my knowledge just 5% did install a different OS, although Fairphone proposed this OS from day one on and supported it the same way they did FPOS.


Unless they aren’t in the aspect you think they are …

You can deny reality all you want … reality doesn’t mind and will right now not give you what you want :wink: .


And here the statistics for Lineage OS.