Why does "system" edit my posts while I'm still typing them?

Today I posted two replies, and while I was typing, “system” apparently edited my post. Funny thing is, nothing was changed, but my posts have both the red “edit” tag, and my log (when I click on my icon) shows “system” edited my post.
What is that? It’s a little annoying BTW. :confused:

Sometimes it will remove a full quote if you are immediately answering and you selected.

Sometimes it will change the link if it’s an image that already exists, that you’ve referred to.

Next time take a closer look, it took me a while to work those two out.

Yes, I’ll keep an eye on it. The quote thing might apply to one or two posts (although I rarely make a full quote, I usually just highlight the parts I’m answering to), but it did happen also without my quote being removed. I didn’t link to images. Strange.
IMHO it’s some kind of bug, because about that same time my preview pane (on the right side of the composer panel) disappeared entirely, and I wasn’t able to make it come back without restarting my Firefox. :thinking:
Oh well.

Check which interface you are using for the preview panel disappearing, there is ref to that in another topic.

In my case it was most certainly a Firefox soft crash, as preview appeared normally (and is still there) after I restarted Firefox. Then again I leave it running all day in a background workspace, so it does go stale sometimes. -shrug-
Thanks nevertheless.

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You might check on https://meta.discourse.org if it’s a known problem.

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Thanks, I’ll look at it if/when I have time to spare. Unfortunately days only have 24h around here…