Why can't I fill in my phone number in the "about phone" section of the settings on my FP3?

In the “about phone” section of my FP3 I can change the name of the phone if I want to, but the line where the phone number for SIM 1 should go doesn’t activate, all it says is “unknown”. Are there other places - other than the address book, of course - where I could give that info?
Is the problem specific to FP3 or is it a problem tied to Android 9?

Hi Laure,

the phone number should be read directly and automatically from your SIM (on my FP3 it does). If that does not happen, it is probably an issue with your SIM card. If I were you, I would ask my provider for a SIM swap.

For what purpose would you like to give the information and for whom?

Best wishes,


It’s a “problem” that other phones have, too. The field is indeed not supposed to be filled in by the user but the phone should read it from the SIM. But since it does in no way affect the functionality of your phone you have the choice between not caring about it (and remember your phone number yourself or via an entry in your contacts) or do experiments as described in many, many threads on the internet.