Why buy a FP3 rather than a standard 175€ mobile phone?

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I am not saying that every FP will brake after two years.
I am just a bit tired of people on the forum proclaiming that if you take care of your FP it will live 4 years… From what I have read here and there you get 3 okay years and then it is not a walk in the park anymore. I love the idea of FP I think every media device should be fairly produced.
My FP2 is dead and I am using an old phone before I decide which phone I want to buy next and all I am saying is I am actively looking for an alternative to FP. Not because I think it is bad or so, but because I am part of the costumers that do not expect the last technology blabla phone but just a phone that last long and can make phone call without having to lose my weekends reading on the forum to fix it.
I just don’t think FP can satisfy everybody with one model and in my case I am not convince they are the best choice. Thus I clicked on the discussion call “why to buy a FP3 rather than a standard 175 EUR mobile phone?”… Which did not really helped :sweat_smile:

A bit of extra context on my FP experience for the motivated ones:
I am not a big phone user in general but I have experience with computer programming so I am not totally useless when it comes to technology. I emptied my student Bank account back in 2015 to pre-order my FP2.
In the last 3 years and a half I have at least 4 time restored to factory settings, I do not count the number of time I had to recalibrate the hear sensor to not hang up on people while talking or even the number of time my phone rebooted during calls or while I was texting. Before my FP definitely died I could barely have any phone call because my phone did not connect to the network anymore.

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und der unterschied ist wo?
and the diffent is what?

I really understand your troubles.
Still, I would not take the experiences with the FP1 or FP2 and expect that to repeat with the FP3.
As I already posted somewhere in this forum.
The problems and experiences and, yes, many troubles with FP2 were countered by designing the FP3 differently. E.g. they fixed the display with screws and that’s 13 screws to make sure contacts stay put and fixed. As I learned in this forum they started with less screws and added more one at a time, until they reached a most stable/rigid solution. Some demo-phones, that are in the wild and being presented on Fairphoners meetings to #meetfairphone3 still come with 12 screws only.

So, at least me, I give the FP3 some more trust, than just projecting the FP2 experience on it.

I am not sure what you are referring to.

  1. The difference between FP and Shift regarding guarantee: None (at least as far as I have looked; which does not come up to reading it all.)
  2. The difference between a warranty by Shiftphones and the legal guarantee:
    A manufacturer warranty is something given by the manufacturer on its own accord, without being obliged to do so and you get what the manufacturer guarantees. E.g. a guarantee for five years, that the phone will not fail would present you with a new phone, should yours break after four years if it was not your fault. And the manufacturer has to prove, that it’s your fault.
    The legal guarantee on the other hand is different.
    You will have the customer rights for faults within the first two years after purchase. But only within the first six months it is assumed, that the product was faulty when you bought it. After six months you have to prove, that the problem existed when you purchased the product.
  3. The difference between the two pages I linked should be obvious. :wink: (Just kidding of course.)
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I have replaced various modules on my FP2 which allowed me to use the phone for a longer period of time. Now, you may assume, such hardware would’ve never gone broken on another phone. Yeah, well, that isn’t according to my experience with smartphones in the '00s and '10s or electronics in general. I do agree with the argument that the orig. cameras weren’t very good, which evens out for the ability to replace them. However, in the same regard, at some point cameras are “good enough”; I believe we’ve reached that, as flagship devices are no longer desired for.

I had my washing machine get broken the other day. Repairman said “yeah, those are known to break after 7 years”. Is that sustainable? It is actually quite a complex discussion wrt the question if you want to repair such or replace. Because for some devices, they’ve become clearly less durable, but OTOH they’re better in other regards. For example, if you consider the energy labels then A+++ is a big step forward from A+.


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Keep in mind that your fair phone will be supported for 5 years (same as Apple) – most Androids are supported for around 3 years, after which your device is no longer secure.

The parts may seem expensive, but you can replace them yourself without the need to pay for an expert (try replacing a cracked screen, battery or camera lens on any other phone).

That’s not even including the ethical considerations.


Hello everybody,

I’m a FP user and backer from the beginning. The first batch FP lasted 3 years after suddenly died on vacation (not so good). I bought with discount a FP2 what was a descent phone, but after 3 years my phone was low on battery and off after approx 12h. I panicked and bought a Motorola G7 power for 200€ because i was going to the US for vacation last year. For me, i made a choise to buy a unfair phone because i needed one at the time. I’m sceptical about the battery life of the FP3. Now my phone last for 3 days without recharging. Plz do not lecture me, i’m well aware off the specs of an FP. Just my opinion…

Aw :frowning: … just when it was so tempting :slight_smile: .


I know i bought an unfair phone. But, i hope FP3 has a good battery…

It’s not about the new phone … well ok, there’s that, too … but you didn’t say why you didn’t just get a new battery when it would have been so easy to exchange … or a powerbank :wink: .


I’ve got a second battery, and powerbanks. But it drained also so fast. I contacted the always nice people of the costumer group, but i think it was a hardware problem.


At least it is replaceable. I’m on the verge to panicking on my Pixel and replacing the battery involved either paying 150€ or more sending it to a repair shop and taking all the risk of damage to the phone myself. Including the complete reset of the device, so my data is not leaked.


That’s the part i love FP. To replace the parts, and so making the phone more durable


FP3 has an excellent battery: it easily lasts a day and a half in good use of the device, or a full day in intense use.


I asked my friends and they told me to get the FP3. :wink:

More seriously: My second choice would have been the Mi A2 because the Hardware is good enough and I suspect it will be supported by alternative OSes (I don’t plan to use Google services). It’s ~160 Euro atm.

What made me decide for FP3:

  • Giving money to Fairphone feels better than supporting Xiaomi.
  • FP showed that they are serious about long-term support.
  • Replacement parts directly from the manufacturer. My phones usually break before they are stolen or obsolete.
  • The hope that Google-free OSes will run on FP3 soon.
  • I always wondered why I can buy fairtrade food even at my local supermarket, but not electronics. Now I can.

  • 90 % of “those” phones have a built in battery now, so they are designd to be thrown away after 2 years. Or maby spend ~ 100 Euros for a repair, or hope to be successful with a youtube tutorial. And often “features” like a missing headphone connector, possibility of sd cards …


I have a Nokia Lumia 630, almost 5 years old and still working fine. I could use it another 2 -3 years easily, but more and more apps that I really need for my work and private do not work anymore on WindowsPhone. It is a shame, becaus WindowsPhone is by far the most user friendly Phone I have ever seen, and I can use it fully without Google, Apple or even Microsoft account. I love it. But, the WindowsPhone platform is now really at its end of life. That is why I bought the FP3.


as someone from a poor family (i grew up in a ‘bijstandsgezin’) this is a pretty shit comment. you gotta have money to save money. the fact that there is no room to save for more expensive, more durable, products makes life more expensive constantly.

so yeah, you are right, it is better to save up for higher quality products than to buy the cheap stuff that falls apart and is often in the end more expensive. but it’s an impossibility that shames a lot of people who are less fortunate.


True, it can be very rough.

In such situation the question arises: do you need a smartphone? Do you need a new smartphone? Would a (combination of) cheap, non-fair, second hand, less patched/secure smartphone be suffice? Would a feature phone be suffice? The answer is probably: Yes.