Why buy a FP3 rather than a standard 175€ mobile phone?

And one should never forget, that not everyone is cut out for complicated work demanding intellectual skills. If we do automat all that work, what are they supposed to do?

In my humble opinion, our society is measuring the worth of one’s labor way to much by the education/brain/intellect; 'cause where would we end up, if no one would be doing all the hard bodily work?


That’s right. And I don’t get why such work is being looked down upon most of the times … I keep saying the worth of somebody’s work can be measured by the impact of when this work isn’t done for a few days or weeks. According to the well-known old joke … Who are you going to miss first - middle management or the cleaners :slight_smile: ?


Yes, I fully agree!

Probably on Mars…hm, what made me get to this thought:thinking:

Hm, are you sure this was a joke? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Maybe I did not get it…:rofl:
Unfortunately I do see quite some analogy to true life…hence I did not fully crack up on laughing…:joy:
Do you have another? Now I’m in the mood for more…:+1:

Well, if your cool with people in the RDC being robbed and murdered and people in China being treated like slaves by all means buy a phone for less than the FP.


Na, highend ist das nicht gerade. Beim FP2 habe ich mich von Anfang an darüber geärgert, dass es technisch USB3 schaffen würde, aber keine C-Buchse hat. Und Langlebigkeit bezweifele ich mittlerweile sehr, nach den Erfahrungen mit den Vorgängermodellen. Mir ist faire Produktion auch sehr wichtig, aber ich habe den Eindruck, dass es vielleicht besser wäre, mehr Energie in das Produkt zu stecken, um es besser marktfähig zu machen und mehr Absatz zu haben, und damit auch bessere Möglichkeiten zu haben auf die Produktion einzuwirken. Und das Format des 3er gibt mir den Rest!! Nach Apple schielen und noch größer??? Und es wäre auch nett gewesen, mal die treuen Fans zu fragen, anstatt sie mit blöden Infos zuzuschütten. Ich bin schwer enttäuscht.

Wo hast Du das Gefühl, dass das gerade beim FP3 nicht der Fall ist?
Das Design ist mit dem verschraubten Display, den kompakteren Modulen und dem nicht nur aufgeklipsten Cover wesentlich stabiler. Hinzu kommt ein Bumper, der beiliegt und vor Stößen schützt. Wir FP2 Nutzer waren da quasi die Produktentwickler.

??? Du hast doch selbst nach besserer Marktfähigkeit verlangt.
Deshalb das Design und die Größe, die nun aber überhaupt nicht spezifisch für Apple sind. Also nach Apple schielen habe ich jetzt noch nicht gesehen.

Zwei Punkte dazu:

  1. Die treuen Fans haben hier im Forum in diversen Threads ihre Wünsche geäußert (kleiner, größer, high-end, billiger …) und FP hat das sicherlich gelesen.
  2. Wieso die treuen Fans fragen, wenn man gerde neue Käuferschichten erschließen will (und muß!). Als treuer Fan erwarte ich gerade keine Sonderbehandlung, sondern dass FP weitermacht und den Markt “umkrempelt”; und dafür braucht es eben die Masse, die offensichtlich große Smartphones haben will (Samsungs Galaxy Note 10(+) ist jetzt 6,3" und sogar 6,8" groß).

Wirf vielleicht auch einmal einen Blick in die Liste mit FP3 Artikeln, die EU-weit in der Presse erschienen sind. Da fehlen allerdings noch etliche Länder. Ich werde das vielleicht noch mal ergänzen:


I know it’s a difficult situation, but remember, it’s also about the ethics, the values, principles. It’s like saying, why employ someone and pay them 10 euros an hour plus holidays, plus pension, with rights and benefits and safety, when i can just get a desperate person to do it for 1 euro an hour and no additional stuff, and if they suffer, too bad? For me, we can stick together and value human beings all over the world , or buy cheap phones and support exploitation. Just try not to lose your phone!!! :slight_smile:


For me it is shameful to always discuss just the price. Any phone you have in hand except the FP is full of blood and discrimination. Today, someone who wants to be “modern” and “uptodate” buys and carries things from companies that fight for a more sustainable and fair world. Someone who thinks a new iPhone is the last thing to have is already late! **Only if WE of the 1st world start from changing to ordering and buying differently we can change the unsustainable capitalism!**Not the slaves. If someone thinks an iPhone worth 1000, - € is justified - he is wrong, because it has not been reported that manufacturing only costs Apple 120, - €. Do your eyes open a little now? I thank you for doing it!
Furthermore, the topic with the spare parts: In our rich world, it seems perfectly normal that a cell phone is constantly broken. Most of them break because they just do not handle it carefully! If it were difficult to get a new phone, everyone would be more careful with this sophisticated computer. If I watch people using their cell phone, I’m not surprised that they charge that cell phones cost only $ 100. - I just suggest: treat it well, and 100% you will not have a single complaint in 4 years - I can testify to you. Then you will not find it difficult to spend 530, - €. Take a step forward! Love and appreciate your things you can buy, made by other skilled hands! Thank you!


Second hand smartphones, including iPhones, should be fine though. These are also a lot less expensive.

Everyone has different priorities. I don’t think it is useful if we are going to offend people for their smartphone choice. Why not? Because it does not allow for a dialogue, and it won’t change someone’s viewpoint if you’re going to offend them either.

Case in point. There are also smartphones which are able to sustain a bump as they’re rugged. CAT (Caterpillar, Inc.), for example. I think HMD/Nokia is also going to release one (forgot the exact name).

If I were to buy a smartphone for my kid in a year or 10 or so, it’d be a rugged one (though I am not sure if I would value that higher or below privacy…). That’d be my first two priorities, and then I’d look at fairness.

And other people want a vegan smartphone, or an environmentally friendly one, or a worker friendly one, or a modular one, or they only want to rent one and not buy one, or one with killswitches for privacy reasons. All these choices and abilities to vote with your wallet is great (but only one product anyway).


FP only offer a 2 years guaranty… So you could be paying 450 EUR every 2 years with your FP too… The only viable argument speaking for FP is the Fairness. That is why I would suggest to someone who is not sure about FP to check for other alternative (not that much I know) like maybe Shift?..

It’s very unlikely that every 2 years + 1 day suddenly every single module breaks.


In fact if that would happen it would still fall under warranty. Because it is obviously a design flaw which can be proven. Just don’t wanna take Fairphone to small claims court. Apple is more fun :money_mouth_face:


But ShiftPhones are even more expensive (ok, the 5me right now is a bit less at 399,-).
And they offer just the legal necessities; no warranty as well.


and that means what exactly?

On the following sites please select the appropriate language for you.
Take a look here:

And when in need, go here:

That’s the same FP offers (if I am not mistaken).

And on the Shiftphones homepage take a look here:
(German only, unfortunately.)


I am not saying that every FP will brake after two years.
I am just a bit tired of people on the forum proclaiming that if you take care of your FP it will live 4 years… From what I have read here and there you get 3 okay years and then it is not a walk in the park anymore. I love the idea of FP I think every media device should be fairly produced.
My FP2 is dead and I am using an old phone before I decide which phone I want to buy next and all I am saying is I am actively looking for an alternative to FP. Not because I think it is bad or so, but because I am part of the costumers that do not expect the last technology blabla phone but just a phone that last long and can make phone call without having to lose my weekends reading on the forum to fix it.
I just don’t think FP can satisfy everybody with one model and in my case I am not convince they are the best choice. Thus I clicked on the discussion call “why to buy a FP3 rather than a standard 175 EUR mobile phone?”… Which did not really helped :sweat_smile:

A bit of extra context on my FP experience for the motivated ones:
I am not a big phone user in general but I have experience with computer programming so I am not totally useless when it comes to technology. I emptied my student Bank account back in 2015 to pre-order my FP2.
In the last 3 years and a half I have at least 4 time restored to factory settings, I do not count the number of time I had to recalibrate the hear sensor to not hang up on people while talking or even the number of time my phone rebooted during calls or while I was texting. Before my FP definitely died I could barely have any phone call because my phone did not connect to the network anymore.

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und der unterschied ist wo?
and the diffent is what?

I really understand your troubles.
Still, I would not take the experiences with the FP1 or FP2 and expect that to repeat with the FP3.
As I already posted somewhere in this forum.
The problems and experiences and, yes, many troubles with FP2 were countered by designing the FP3 differently. E.g. they fixed the display with screws and that’s 13 screws to make sure contacts stay put and fixed. As I learned in this forum they started with less screws and added more one at a time, until they reached a most stable/rigid solution. Some demo-phones, that are in the wild and being presented on Fairphoners meetings to #meetfairphone3 still come with 12 screws only.

So, at least me, I give the FP3 some more trust, than just projecting the FP2 experience on it.

I am not sure what you are referring to.

  1. The difference between FP and Shift regarding guarantee: None (at least as far as I have looked; which does not come up to reading it all.)
  2. The difference between a warranty by Shiftphones and the legal guarantee:
    A manufacturer warranty is something given by the manufacturer on its own accord, without being obliged to do so and you get what the manufacturer guarantees. E.g. a guarantee for five years, that the phone will not fail would present you with a new phone, should yours break after four years if it was not your fault. And the manufacturer has to prove, that it’s your fault.
    The legal guarantee on the other hand is different.
    You will have the customer rights for faults within the first two years after purchase. But only within the first six months it is assumed, that the product was faulty when you bought it. After six months you have to prove, that the problem existed when you purchased the product.
  3. The difference between the two pages I linked should be obvious. :wink: (Just kidding of course.)
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I have replaced various modules on my FP2 which allowed me to use the phone for a longer period of time. Now, you may assume, such hardware would’ve never gone broken on another phone. Yeah, well, that isn’t according to my experience with smartphones in the '00s and '10s or electronics in general. I do agree with the argument that the orig. cameras weren’t very good, which evens out for the ability to replace them. However, in the same regard, at some point cameras are “good enough”; I believe we’ve reached that, as flagship devices are no longer desired for.

I had my washing machine get broken the other day. Repairman said “yeah, those are known to break after 7 years”. Is that sustainable? It is actually quite a complex discussion wrt the question if you want to repair such or replace. Because for some devices, they’ve become clearly less durable, but OTOH they’re better in other regards. For example, if you consider the energy labels then A+++ is a big step forward from A+.


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