Why android not anymore able to detect internet?

I Installed Android 6, and Installed all my needed Apps and configured many things.
But now I have the Problem, that Android is not anymore able to detect if a W-Lan has Internet and do also not anymore auto connect to earlier connected W-Lan.

does someone know this Problem?

How do you realize that your phone does not detect if a W-Lan (=Wifi) has internet? Symbols have changed from Android 5 to Android 6, especially you don’t see data transfer symbols any more. From some Android versions before 6 I know that the exclamation mark which may appear attached to the Wifi symbol does not reliably mean that there is no internet connection.

About auto-connect: Even after reconnecting to the network in question, turning off Wifi and turning on you mean it won’t reconnect? If this is the case maybe you have configured the Wifi network as being a chargable network. Check Settings -> Data Usage (Datenverbrauch) -> 3-dot-menu -> network restrictions (Netzwerkbeschränkungen). It does not explicitly tell that it won’t auto connect but data usage is somehow limited in those networks, so maybe you would even have to connect manually.

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I have the ! Symbol in the W-Lan Icon. And the Dropdown W-Lan List says after Connecting “Connected, No Internet” even I have internet. Also I got the Annotation about “WLAN has no Internet connection”

I got these if I activate AF-Wall. It must be one of these System or Core Apps

Indeed, one reason of the Wifi (W-Lan)-icon putting its exclamation mark (!) is whether or not some google service reaching some google internet services.


I use the FP Open there is no Google Service on it.

Well there may be when you have OpenGApps or the like installed. Also a non-google installation may try to reach some reliable internet services (aka Google) to identify wether it has internet, to activate some Wifi login-portal services to connect to internet and the like. Check your firewall log what services your mobile is calling. You may find surprising things.

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