Whoose idea was it to roll out android 12 this halfbaked?

Android 12 genuinely sucks. I payed almost 800 EUR to buy a Fairphone 4, that I can’t properly use anymore.
On android 11 the lock screen clock was ledgible, now I genuinely CAN’T READ IT. I feel like I am dyslexic (I’m not), I can’t read anything properly anymore. Using the Phone now feels like you’re drunk and are trying to call a taxi, everything is squishy and slippery.
At least the animations can be turned of in accessibility settings (The whole phone gets much faster and snapper that way).
You’d expect a new update to have more customizability to allow people with special needs to get some accessibility. Oh wait, more customizability is what the update was SUPPOSED TO CONTAIN.
Though, most of the features, that were included in the update were done nice, especially the privacy changes.

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