Who should / could hold a workshop at the #EFCT17?

Continuing the discussion from Save the date: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2017 (#EFCT17) (31/7 - 6/8/17):

I’d like to hear your opinion: Which topics do you find interesting, and who should we contact and ask if they can make a workshop at the #efct17 ? Or maybe you yourself would like to present the cool things you are doing with your Fairphone / related to Fairphone?

Post your suggestions here! :slight_smile:


Make Extension Ports Great!! (Not again, they were never great unfortunately)


I really liked the testing we did at the Fairphone office.


:raising_hand_woman: I’d like to do some #livingwogoogle/FLOSS-oriented workshop (“Empower your freedom” or something alike) if I finally can attend. Right now I can’t assure the latter, but I’d be delighted, :blush:


I could offer a workshop around mobile and wireless security. Parts of it could be:

  • Overview of common security vulnerabilities.
  • Live demo demonstrating security problems.
  • How to configure your phone more secure.
  • Apps to make you phone more secure.
  • How to use your phone in a secure way.
    It is not clear yet if I can attend, but would love to do this.

If more people are interested, I would like to experience a “Urban Mining” workshop. I have never developed one, but we could take with us an old mobile that is not able to be used again, so that each one of us could work with one with our own tools. Or maybe in groups of two or three for each old mobile phone to be opened…

The guide of the website of Fairphone could also be useful for the workshop.


I think it could also be good to dedicate a workshop to present the different initiatives that we have been able to gather in the “network of initiatives aligned with our Movement and powered by fairphoners in different sectors”. Here the link to the proposal in the forum.

I hope that by August we have some of them identified in different countries!! I offer myself to develop that workshop,…hoping to have interesting initiatives already gathered. The thing would be of course, not only (1) presenting them but also (2) talk about them and share different experiences from all of us attending the workshop. Maybe (3) potential next steps to better develop the network…

Edit by @Stefan: We could also dedicate a workshop to set up the initiative in the first place.


Let’s have a workshop how to learn to test modules, replace modules etc.


@Stanzi Do you have someone in mind, who can hold such an expansion port workshop? Or can you find someone? (If someone, who feels up to it, reads this, please contact me! :smiley: )

I would like attaching an Infra-Red diode to the port and control it via a TV remote control app. It’s an easy example (yet too difficult for me). Idea came yesterday on the monthly OpenStreetMap meeting having a TV screen close to us which was set way too loud :wink: But as I said, I have no skills here, so I cannot hold the workshop.

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Hi Stefan,
I would like to show how I managed to have email, calendar and uploads both on my fp open and on my ubuntu laptop - FLOSS free libre open source. If that is possible? Did you get any other suggestions? Best


I like all those issues very much and I am very interested in that! How to keep your crypto-key save, that is in that field, too. Thank you!!! :heart_eyes:

We settled for some workshops. Thank you for all of your ideas! :slight_smile: Find the workshops at #efct17 here.