White stripes on display


yesterday i’ve used the phone. In the next Moment the phone freeze and the Display got White stripes

I cant Switch off the phone. So i removed the Batterie.

I removed the Display, but no errors.

If i switch the phone on, the “Fairphone” Screen has White stripes, @the pin Keyboard it needs 2-3 sec to appear the stripes.

What do you think, mainboard or display?

p.s. the Screen doesnt react for Input :frowning:

Thank you, Thomas

Please try to dismount and remount your display once more. Perhaps this time you have more success.

Interesting that the stripes are exactly where the numbers, the erase button and the “Notruf” button are. That can’t be a coincident.

ok, i dis- and remount the Display - no changes :frowning:

i take a Picture at the start sequence

and a Hollywood like movie…

Just send it in. You’re still under warranty. It looks like a hardware issue to me. Either the connector, SoC/Gfx or the display itself. I think a few displays have been replaced already, maybe this is related?

Ok, i’ve tried, to contact the support. One month ago -> nothing happens.

11 days ago i wrote a reminder E-Mail -> nothing happens.

If i check the status on the zendesk page , there are my two request with Status “open”.

Is there something like a support???

realy sad about there behavior :frowning:


The support has quite a backlog, since unfortunately it is understaffed.
You can give them a call (fastest), or post your ticket number here.

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Hello there,

You can find more relevant information about this issue here: https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211351686-My-display-screen-is-not-working-properly

Please contact our support team if you have this issue on the Display of your Fairphone 2.

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Hi Thomas

Has your problem (with the white stripes) been solved? If yes, could you tell me how?
Because I have exact the same problem with my Fairphone since last week.
Thx for your reply.


Hi Chin,

jup, the problem is solved. The support swapped the display :smiley:


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