White silicon part?

2 questions please:
[1] I took the phone back cover off after I’d dropped it and this white silicon part was there when I took the battery out. See attached photo. Can anyone please identify it and explain where and how it fits in the phone?
[2] Also, the battery has a slight dent on it after dropping it - I’m guessing I may have to replace it (safety) and the corner tab has broke off too.


Sorry, I’ve realised it’s from the side on the case - see pic.


Actually it’s not. It’s a part from the phone which sometimes gets loose when you take off the cover. It is only plastic and has no function though.
I can’t find the topic right now where this was already discussed.
PS, here it is:


Yes, that’s right. From the side of the phone. It’s gone back in now. Thanks.

I still need to get a battery I think as the top right small black tab of the battery has snapped off and there’s a slight dent to the corner.

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