While abroad no texts. No calls

Can’t text nor call while abroad. It’s not the sim and not my provider. Any ideas?

No network? The wrong network?

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Chose automatic network detection. Nothing detected. Could not receive texts nor calls as well.

So if nothing is detected it makes sense that you cannot call and text. You might simply be in an area without network coverage.

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In a town/city? Last year was in same place. No probs with Samsung galaxy.

To be exact one or two networks were detectet. In parenthesis was written “forbidden”. Does that mean anything?

My cristall ball didn’t indicate this, sorry. “Forbidden” usually means that you must not use it (and typically you also cannot because your phone won’t select it). Maybe you’ve changed not only your phone but also your operator since last year and now the previously allowed network is still available but the roaming partner of your new operator isn’t?


Contacted operator. Sent them “forbidden” message. They new where I was and didn’t say anything regarding no coverage.

“Forbidden means” that the available network is not a roaming partner of your provider. So you can’t use it.

Maybe they still were partners last year. Since the UE dropped roaming fees in june, maybe some providers don’t want to carry the costs of foreign phones.

I would suggest that you try it again in another part of the city where more networks are available.


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