Which Sim Card do I need?

Yay my fairphone has shipped =) I can see that the fair phone site offers sim-adapters. I’m wondering now - do I need to get an adapter to make my simcard fit the fair phone? I currently have an iPhone 4, I guess that’s a micro-Sim. Thanks for your help!

I think you’ll need an adapter. The FairPhone uses mini-SIM, which is the big clunky type of SIM card with all the plastic around it. I think the iPhone 4 has a micro-SIM slot, so you’ll probably need to get a micro-SIM to mini-SIM adapter. They are available in the FairPhone store.

Oh, the store page says a micro-SIM adapter is included with the phone. I’m not aware of this and can’t remember seeing it when I got my phone. Might be I just ignored it because I already have a mini-SIM card. Maybe someone else can confirm/deny if a micro sim adapter is included in the phone. If not, you could write FairPhone support to ask this question directly to them.

well, are these adapters easily available? because i could just wait; and if it’s not included get it somewhere else to avoid having to wait for shipping…

Mind that the FPU1 (the current batch being delivered) comes with an adapter included.
Or at least mine did, not sure though what type of adapter it is.

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“Take note: the Fairphone is only compatible with a standard mini SIM (sized: 25mm x 15 mm)” See source.
I guess its what is called “SIM Card” in the picture.

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Oh, the store page says a micro-SIM adapter is included with the phone

indeed in mine two weeks ago there was a nice adapter (only one)

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