Which setting gives back access to update service?

I revoked some permissions at 13:36 apparently and now the update screen tells me that “temporarily no updates are available. Please try again later.” after I press “Check for updates”.

Unfortunately the timestamp for the “last successful check for updates” does not change so I’m assuming that my phone cannot connect to the update servics anymore. Does it look the same for you, and can anyone tell me, which permissions are mandatory for the update check?

Meine erste Idee: Neustart des Smartphones.
Ansonsten die radikale Methode: “Zurücksetzen auf Werkseinstellungen.”

War es beim Fairphone 2 auch schon so, daß man die Security Patches mit deutlicher Verspätung ausgeliefert hat?
Ende Dezember wird Google bereits das Januar Update bereitstellen, aber das Fairphone 3 ist noch immer auf dem Stand von Oktober, eine Aktualisierung die bereits vor fast 4 Monaten, also Ende September verfügbar war.

The FP3’s update service depends on the “google play-services”.
So my first idea was to check permissions of those. But the just for update purposes on demand enabled play-services of my device are restricted in any possible way and still provide update check.

Second thought:
VPN or firewall software prevent google play-services from accessing the network…


Thanks for the tip! I’m using Blokada. Looking into the log of blocked hosts, I found out that android.googleapis.com was blocked. Temporarily unblocking that domain makes the warning in the update checker disappear.


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