Which SD card types (capacity and speed classes) are supported by FP2


I wonder which SD card types (SDHC? SDXC?), formats (micro?), capacity (16GB, 32GB, 64GB), which Speed Class (e. g. 4, 6 or 10MB/s) and UHS Speed Class (e. g. 1 or 3) are supported by FP2?
I want to know if it makes sense to install the most fastest SD card currently available or if the advanced speed won’t be used by the FP2 hardware (and the card will be downgraded, so a cheaper card is realy enough).


format: micro
capacity: every
speed: FP2 has an USB 2.0 port
filesystem: vfat = fat32

keep in mind that can only with root write to sdcard

Hi Spielmops,

thank you for the fast reply and for the format.
I think you mixed up USB and SD a bit: USB is that with the cable; SD is a storage extension interface (no cable).
In case you have a SD in your phone: do you know the capacity and maybe the type (should be mentioned on it).


The FP2 Tech-Specs-English-V.2-2.pdf states that FP2 supports “SDHC, SDXC, UHS” but the maximum supported capacity and the Speed or UHS Speed Class is not mentioned :frowning:
Has anybody experience with the capacity or speed?

I’m a little bit experienced and fully aware of your speed-question and so:

USB 2.0 was released in April 2000, adding a higher maximum signaling rate of 480 Mbit/s (High Speed or High Bandwidth), in addition to the USB 1.x Full Speed signaling rate of 12 Mbit/s. Due to bus access constraints, the effective throughput of the High Speed signaling rate is limited to 280 Mbit/s or 35 MB/s

that means, you can put a sdcard class “uuu-extra-ultra-hyper” into the phone, the reader-device is limited to the speed of USB 2.0.

I have a sdcard in my phone and know the capacity and the type :slight_smile:

thx for the reply.
So could you tell me the capacity of your card? :wink:

I could, but first tell me, why you want this value.

If you have a SDcard with more than 64 GB installed that is a useful information (just check the capacity showed in the system settings).
The reason for the question is e. g. the price: A microSDXC 64GB with a theoretical maximum of 80 MB/s is much cheaper than a microSDXC with 128GB. More important: if the FP2 doesn’t support more than 64GB
(and cards with larger capacity might not work) that is good to know! Secondly *SD cards that are optimized for writing might be slower when most of the time read operations are performed. When FP2’s SD controller e. g. supports only UHS 1, it makes (as far as I know) no sense to install a card that has UHS Speed Class 3 and is more expensive than an ordinary microSDXC card.

That’s what I meant!

Important for bigger cards: [quote=“Spielmops, post:2, topic:19998”]
filesystem: vfat = fat32
Normally they are exfat-formatted. Format those cards in your phone and everything is fine.

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