Which QR Reader

Does anyone know which is best QR reader I shoud download (for the black & white info barcodes), and which to avoid? or does the f2 come with one ready installed?

The best one I’ve seen so far is Barcode Scanner. It is open source and also available from F-Droid.


best? In which way? For whom? For What?

Why don’t you try the barcode-scanner from F-droid?


Barcode Scanner has worked great for me the few times I’ve needed a QR scanner; plus it’s open source. It’s available on Play Store, too.
It use the ZXing library, which is the de facto standard for barcode/QR scanning on Android and (in my opinion, after working professionally with it in the past) works really great.


I also use Barcode Scanner. It works very well, doesn’t need unnecessary permissions, is open source…


I also vote for Barcode Scanner, it is very useful and it supports many types of barcodes (both normal and qr ones)
Bye! :slight_smile:

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