Which microphone is broke?

Dear all,

After more than 3 years I have my first issue with my fp2.
When calling the other hear some kind of white noise and almost cannot understand me talking. I did the checkup with the APP. Primary microphone works well. But when I test the secondary phone I hear some kind of feedback effect.
Any idea what to do or Which module to change? Beste Leon

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The secondary microphone is in the top module. You can see a tiny (1 mm) hole in the upper end of your FP2.

However, I think it is questionable if the problems with your calls really result from this, because the secondary microphone will usually only be used (combined with the primary microphone) if you talk with the other person with the screen on and do not hold the phone against your cheek/ear.

Another option: Old and/or defect SIM card?

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Isn’t the secondary microphone used every time when calling to filter out the ambient noises recorded by it and eliminate them from what is recorded by the primary microphone?


Thanks for your answers. What I did till now, was to open the phone and cleaning the contacts and everything else. For the moment it seems to me, that this improved the situation already. If not maybe it’s time for buying the first module after 3 years :slight_smile: would go for the microphone module in this case, as talking without phone on the ear was working better according to my partners.

Then the microphone/bottom module is definitely not broken.

Did you try with a different SIM or try an internet call? If the problems still exist there then I’d say it’s an issue with the top module - otherwise it’s an issue with your SIM/provider.

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