Which external microphone can I use

I have to give a presentation and would like to record my speak.
having the mobile phone in hthe pocket and using the voicerecorder seems like a simple soluiton,
quality needs just be ‘good enough’

a micre like that looks ok

so with some cable and a clip? to put it on the shirt

but which micros are compatible with the fairphone 2?

If you only want to record it for yourself, then I guess the internal mic should be sufficient. I have recorded some interviews with it, where I needed the audio only in addition to my notes (thus only for transliteration), and it was sufficient.
Have you already tested it this way?

btw: any mic with 3,5mm plug should be compatible.

When giving a talk, I have to move around a litte . Placing the mobile on a table give in this scenario no good sound. It works somehow, but …this is tested.
therefore my question
I need the hands free to point at the presentation, explaining, …
So yes, I want the phone in the pocket, a cable and the mic on the skirt.
would this work?

Theoretically you should be able to use any computer headset, no?

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If I would know, I would not need to ask.
There are for sure differences. Not all headset work on all phones. And since I am going to buy this via internet, I want to avoid order the wrong one.

Have you tried headphones that you have lying around at home?

Why don’t you simply go into a shop and try it out?

I appreciate your enthusiasms to help, but if I would have shops here where I can go, test a mic, check the result, do you think I would not do it?

if you look at vendor lists, there are compatibility lists, but of course, the fairphone is on none, even if it would be compatible.
and exapmle of such a list is here.

there seem to be 2 connector standards, OMTP and CTIA, apple sony use one, some others the other, thats why a set for apple might not work on an android phone.

which one has the fairphone 2 ?

Hi there
I also have a question about external microphones (in order to be able to Vlog). I bought a Boya external microphone: it didn’t work… Now, I bought a Walimex Pro Lavalier: it doesn’t work…
Any idea how to to make it work on a Fairphone?
I feel that not ANY external microfphone with 3,5 mm jack is compatible :frowning:

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You need an adaptor (which splits headphone and microphone jack, see example) to connect a standard microphone with 3.5 mm jack.


Thank you Tofra. I do have an external smartphone microphone, with right jack. I have this one:

So the jack fits…
However, it’s not working… There is no recording…
Does it have to do with compatiblity? or an app?

Thank you

That microphone should work without adaptor.

Do you have some (in-ear) headphones which have 4 contacts on the plug (and therefore has a button and/or a microphone)? Plug it in and play some music.
The music should be played via the headphones. (Turn up the volume while playing music if not.)
The button should pause/resume the music.
The microphone (of the headphones) should work with the built-in audio recorder.

If not, your headphone jack is broken (or dirty). Ask support for a new top module in this case.

If that test worked, try your microphone with the built-in audio recorder.


i have a headphone which works. Microphone works when I call, and I hear music when I play it on my phone. I use this one

What do you mean with a 4 contacts-plugged headphone?

Thanx for your effort !

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Plug with 3 contacts:

Plug with 4 contacts:

Because your headphones have a button and microphone, it has a plug with 4 contacts. That means your headphone jack is fully working.

That also means that your microphone is not working. Have you looked for a volume control or mute switch on it? Maybe it is turned off.

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Maybe too late now but I have a Röde Smartlav and it does not work on my FP2.

It’s never too late to ask here.

The same procedure:

@TobiasF, Look at the link in the first post. Röde Smartlav is a lavalier mic, not a headset.

I only suggest to test a headset with your Fairphone 2 to make sure that your headphone jack is fully working.

I have one idea: Do those microphones need a special (recording) app to work? (That could be so if those microphones are powered via the headphone jack. Read the manual or ask the microphone manufacturer whether the microphone needs a special app.)

Turn the volume up to the maximum while the microphone is plugged in and the recording is running.

as in this tutorial, it works on my fp2

I use only a different record app

since this is simple and ad free

however, I would not mind to pay a few bugs for a good app if I ever need to do more than one recording a year, there are plenty of good apps in the store