Which custom recovery possible for FP4?

In past I really liked the backup possibilities of TWRP but as far as I know there is no officially supported version of TWRP for the FP4 available and you even loose warranty when installing it…
Is there any alternative custom recovery available for the FP4?

What do you want to achieve with a custom recovery? Flashing something will not void warranty as long as you dont brick the device with it and if you need Belp from support you might need to go back to stock.

As I said I like the possibility to backup my phone which is not possible in stock recovery. I did that quite often in the past prior to switching to new LineageOS versions and it’s really comfortable and easy to use. And I have local backup, no need to upload everything to Google…

Some comments

I think ADB backup is doing the same, however

I’m not aware of any recovery doing what TWRP could do in the past.

Overall reg back-up there are several topics in the forum, that might give further hints.

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I have performed backup/restore with TWRP at least with these devices in the past:
Samsung S5
Samsung S9+
Samsung S10
Xiaomi MI5
Xiaomi MI8

I assume it is not yet working with FP4 due to encryption issues, with the above mentioned devices it worked like a charm.

That is correct. You can follow the progress to get TWRP (fully) working here :point_down: