Which battery for Fairphone2?

Hello dear companions,

has anyone of you already had experience with new (not Fairphone owned) batteries?

Which batteries fit into a Fairphone2?
What can you recommend?

It’s always recommended to use original batteries as long as they are available. The original FP2 battery is in stock:


Reason is that the original battery is fine-tuned for the respective phone model. All third-party batteries are always subject to bad fine-tuning and thus can have lower capacity. In the worst case a third-party battery blows up because it lacks sufficient safety measures like a thermistor and doesn’t tell the phone to shut down when it overheats.

It’s generally not a good idea to use batteries that were not specifically designed for a certain product and as FP2 batteries are still (and will continue to be) produced and are available in the shop there is no reason for anyone else to produce FP2 batteries.

FP1 batteries are no longer produced because Fairphone couldn’t find a supplier who would produce them under acceptable circumstances, in low quantities and for a reasonable price. That’s why 3rd party batteries are available, but they generally have lower capacity, are produced unfairly, have no guarantee, may be dangerous and are more expensive than the original was.

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