Where's the GPS function on FP 3 / Android 9?

Hello Every Body,

I’m jumping strait from Android 4 to Android 9.
On Android 4, there’s an icon to turn on/off GPS function.
But I didn’t find such an icon on my new FP 3 / Android 9.
Please can anyone tell-me how to turn on/off GPS function on FP 3 / Android 9 ?
(I didn’t use Google Map, I use OpenStreetMap, OpenTopoMap, and local map software).

Thanks a lot before hand,

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You can find this either in

Settings > Security & location


in the shortcuts menu (swipe down from the top – twice) in the extended functions (tap on the pencil to customize the shortcuts menu).


Thanks Urs, for your very quick replay.

So it’s the Location icon that switch on/off the GPS function.
That’s fine.

(tap on the pencil to customize the shortcuts menu) <
Thanks for the tip, it helped me to reorganize the panel as I needed it.

It’s very kind of you.
Tanks again.

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You’re welcome … also welcome to this place here :slight_smile:

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