Where has my music gone?

Helllo folks,
All the music that I had on my FP1 has disappeared for no obvious reason. All I have in my music files are some ringtones. Where have the music files gone, have I done something by accident has some other app done something. ANyone got any ideas?

  1. Do you store the apps on an external microSD card?
  • Can you see the music files in the file manager?
  • Do other music players find the music files?
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HI Stefan,

  1. I’m trying to
  2. File manager doesn’t see them
  3. Haven’t tried another music player any suggestions.

Thanks for your help

VLC for example: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-android.html

Hi Stefan, I’m back with an update, I did try VLC and it couldn’t find anything, then I gave up for a while. Now I my plug my phone into a Mac and go into the files and I can see the music files in com.google.android.music, but the phone doesn’t see them. Then I opened the stock music player on my phone and it said scanning memory card and couldn’t find any music. When I look on the Mac I can’t even see the memory card. Neither can I work out where exactly to put more music. Man I am starting to feel that I am too old and not techie enough for this business!!!
I am also starting to see why people just use apple.

I’ve just checked the file extensions on the music files and they are m4a is this relevant? Any help much appreciated

VLC doesn’t have any problems with m4a files (the preinstalled music app should play them too).

The music on my phone is stored in /storage/emulated/0/Music. Note that “sdcard” is not the external SD card, but the internal storage (sdcard1 = external SD card).

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Thanks again Stefan, I tried VLC again and I can tell it to read the SD card which is where the music is so I have progress - not sure why the stock music player stopped working tho.
Next question is how do I put more music on my phone when I don’t seem to be able to find the sd card when the phone is plugged into the Mac. Any ideas?

Sorry, I’m on Windows. But @paulakreuzer might be able to help you with the Mac connection.

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