Where do I get my super user PIN?

Hi together, I just wanted to install the Fairphone updater and was asked for the super user PIN. I cannot remember to have set-up such a PIN. What should I do now in order to proceed with the installation? Where can I (hopefully) find the PIN? Thank you in advance!

Hey @mitz
I never heard of a superuser pin before but I just coincidentally found it while looking for something else.
If you go to Settings > Superuser you can tap the Settings Softbutton again and tap “Settings” again to get to advanced Superuser Options. There you can set a pin.

Now the bad news: I don’t think you’ll be able to disable the pin without knowing the pin… :frowning:

Where does the question for “super user PIN” pop up and how is it phrased, exactly?

Just to be sure: there is something called PUK related to your SIM - but you’re not talking about that, are you?

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Hey guys, the number pad for the superuser access PIN (not the PUK) appears after I click on the install button (for installing the new update). After clicking, a page, requesting superuser access, appears and you have the choice to select 3 options how the system should proceed such requests in future: Remember the choice this time only or for the next 10 minutes or forever. Then you have to click on a accept button which leads you to the previously mentioned number pad to insert the PIN.

I hope this makes it clearer :blush:

Very clear! :blush: Normally there is no PIN for superuser (su) access, so you have either set one as explained by @paulakreuzer above, or you installed an app that sets a su PIN. Did you install such an app (like Superuser Elite)?

Neither did I install such an app, nor can I remember to set up a PIN :confused: I don’t have many PIN codes and tried them all, but non worked out. Don’t know what to do :frowning:

I once had such an issue after I installed an anti-theft app. This kind of app can also force you to enter a PIN code when it thinks your phone was stolen. I could find this PIN on the website of the app. Maybe you installed such an app?

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Hey together! I just made it :slight_smile:
I wasn’t aware that the PIN is not fixed to 4 digits and finally guessed my PIN correctly. It seems that it was really set up, maybe due to a previously installed anti-theft app as described by danielsjohan. Thank you so much and have a great week!


Great, I’m glad you worked it out! :smile:
Nice week to you too.

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