Where do apps go when they are downloaded?

I downloaded the Qobuz app yesterday and it installed but I can’t find it to open it. If I go to the Apps option in Settings I can see that it’s there but there’s no way to open it. Can anyone help?

Sorry if that question sounds dumb, but have you looked in the app overview?

Yes, and it’s there only I can’t open it.

Do I understand right? There is an icon for the app but if you press it, it doesn’t open. Does that mean nothing happens at all? Or is there an error message?

Can you launch the app from the app-settings? There should be a “launch” button.

How did you install the app? From Google Play? From somewhere else?

Have you tried removing and re-installing it?

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Do you have Google Apps installed?
I see something similar with an app which uses them and I see it disappear when I do a system update, because I don’t have GApps installed but, after a system update, I reinstall the MAPS API v1 package in order to fool apps which need Google Maps and then it magically reappears! :smile: