Where can I get the FP3 in Belgium?


Does anyone know where or a store that might carry the product?

Have a look here: https://www.fairphone.com/en/store-locator/ :slight_smile:

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This is a French speaking coop.

I am not interested in leasing! Especially when they can not even respond to question pertaining to their service.

I am sure that somewhere in the Flanders there is a reseller!

A nice example of how abbreviations may make life easier, or not :slight_smile:

Where can I get the FP3 in Belgium?

Where can I get the Fairphone 3 in Belgium?
(The store locator is among the top results … Edit: But it doesn’t have anything in Belgium :frowning: .)

The store locator has 0 results for Belgium, it’s either France, Nederlands or Germany.

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You’re right … and it’s totally not helping that the store locator doesn’t show country borders.
(Dunkirk is in France? I learn something new every day :slight_smile: .)

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I notice that… But it has to be available somewhere… I guess I could order it from the company or take a train trip, but I would prefer seeing it…

There’s a #fairphoneangels (<- see link for info) heaven in Antwerp … perhaps they know of somebody in Belgium who already has a Fairphone 3 and can show it?

If you are located near the eastern border, Aachen Fairphoners might be an option … if they had a Fairphone 3 to show (@urs_lesse)?

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