Where can I get the FP3 in Belgium?


Does anyone know where or a store that might carry the product?

Have a look here: https://www.fairphone.com/en/store-locator/ :slight_smile:

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This is a French speaking coop.

I am not interested in leasing! Especially when they can not even respond to question pertaining to their service.

I am sure that somewhere in the Flanders there is a reseller!

A nice example of how abbreviations may make life easier, or not :slight_smile: …

Where can I get the FP3 in Belgium?

Where can I get the Fairphone 3 in Belgium?
(The store locator is among the top results … Edit: But it doesn’t have anything in Belgium :frowning: .)

The store locator has 0 results for Belgium, it’s either France, Nederlands or Germany.

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You’re right … and it’s totally not helping that the store locator doesn’t show country borders.
(Dunkirk is in France? I learn something new every day :slight_smile: .)

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I notice that… But it has to be available somewhere… I guess I could order it from the company or take a train trip, but I would prefer seeing it…

There’s a #fairphoneangels (<- see link for info) heaven in Antwerp … perhaps they know of somebody in Belgium who already has a Fairphone 3 and can show it?

If you are located near the eastern border, Aachen Fairphoners might be an option … if they had a Fairphone 3 to show (@urs_lesse)?

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I was also thinking about a trip To Aachen but first check if they’ve got fairphone to see, and second if they’ve got fairphone to sell on the spot.
Edit: see the FNAC belgium website. they say it should be on stock and you can get it delivered for free.

[Disclaimer: I’m one of the co-founders of Commown] Commown’s added-value is support: we do hardware as a service (not leasing! we never ever sell phones, even at the end of a contract, as we think the selling linear economic model is the root of obsolescence and electronic waste), so we do not provide our services in Flanders, as the team member only speak french natively for now, you’re right!

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The reference to Aachen was to the local Fairphoners group, especially @urs_lesse, who is organizing frequent meet ups.
Those meetups are a good opportunity to get a hands-on with the Fairphone 3, get background information and reports of experiences by users plus meeting interesting people and have a nice chat and evening.
The one thing you can not do during those meetings - as far as I know -, is, buying a phone.

But if you have had the chance to touch, feel and test the phone plus the chat with real Fairphoneers, you sure will be able to decide if this phone is for you or not.
And then you can safely order online.

If interested, take a look for the latesd updates / meeting infos here:

(last meeting has been on 4th December).

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