Where can i get a male t-shirt (size M) for my fairphone fan boyfriend?

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Where can i get a male t-shirt (size M) for my fairphone fan boyfriend?
Really like to give him it as a present on his b’day

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Where would it/they need to be shipped (country or city)?

We live in Utrecht, the Netherlands

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While I cannot provide one for you (I only have a supply of Fairphone t-shirts for women), some info about what might be on the t-shirt. As a frequent meetup host, I have contacted Fairphone several times over the years about getting T-shirts, and Fairphone t-shirts with a large FAIRPHONE print on the front or the back have not been produced for years and there doesn’t seem to be any old stock of these left. The most recent (2-3 years ago) ones I know looked like this, with just a small FAIRPHONE print at the top of the back side, right under the nape (not visible in this photo):

The one pictured (I’m not sure, but I think this might be the female version with a thinner, wider collar and shorter sleeves I now think the photo shows the male version, and it’s in L – source here) was sent out to Fairphone crowdloaners in 2018 or 2019, many likely not in the right size, so you might have a shot at getting one of these. I would not rule out either that you might get one from Fairphone directly if you are requesting in a nice way. :wink: Perhaps they even have new kinds that I do not know of.

If you want one with a large FAIRPHONE print on them, some Fairphone Angel heavens might still have some stock.

Thank you so much for your replay! so quick!
The sentences: Change is in my hands ! and fairphone on the back would be great as well! But, i think it’s to small for him.
Im new in the community, can you tell me, How i can ask fairphone directly? (i already called them) Or can you explain to me what is Fairphone Angel Heavens? is this a person? Greetings Keshia

If you already had a phone conversation with them, I’m not sure if there’s any better way. And only a few Fairphone Angel heavens might be able to help (and some might only give them out at events). I’m afraid you need to hope they will contact you first.

P.S.: If there’s no other way, you can find a scalable SVG file here that your local T-shirt printing service might be able to use.

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