Where can I download the initial version of FPOS? r4275.1_FP2_gms36_1.1.7

Hello, I would like to download the initial version of FPOS (r4275.1_FP2_gms36_1.1.7).

I got the initial version of FPOOS here:

For FPOOS there are three ZIP files. Is there one or three for FPOS?

Guess you’re trying to install Firefox OS, which needed that specific version? I don’t recall it. You might try latest Android 5.1 release.

Latest releases for each Android version are located here (i.e. no 1.1.7):

Unfortunately, I don’t know where to locate 1.1.7.


Yes, I am having problems with Firefox OS. I have sent a message to a fellow forum member to send me a copy of the image created with TWRP.

For now, I’d like to try trying to install it on a regular basis. I have the first version of FPOOS, but the installation is not like now.

There are several IMG files:


How were these files installed in the past?

I have installed FPOS Android 5.1 (FP2-gms-1.13.0-manual-easy) and then I have managed to install Firefox OS. But the system does not start and I get a bootloop.

I am going to reinstall FPOS 5.1.

Hopefully @oli.sax can help me with your file. I don’t want to risk more with normal B2G installation.

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